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Try a Jade Roller to Boost your face this Chinese New Year

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Jade roller face massage

The Chinese have long prized jade stone for its beauty and healing powers.  In Chinese culture jade is known as “the stone from heaven”, and is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to relax the nervous system, bring relief to stressed organs, and for gentle detoxification.

One of the ancient techniques used by the Chinese is the jade roller, which has been used for centuries and is currently trending among beauty professionals and natural wellness aficionados to reduce under-eye circles, puffy eyes, and give their complexion a boost.   Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr uses a jade roller to massage her face as part of her daily beauty routine.   Jade rollers were a featured therapy at wellness maven Gwyneth Paltrow’s recent In Goop Health Conference in New York in January this year. Suddenly the ancient Chinese jade roller is the modern celebrity’s secret beauty weapon to fight ageing.

jade rollers for face massage at Museflower Spa 2

So what is a jade roller and what are its health benefits?  It’s quite a simple device consisting of a hand held stick with jade stone rollers on the end. The jade is rolled upwards and outwards  from the middle of the face and around the eyes.  This stimulates the tissue, drains lymphatic fluids, and increases circulation.

Jade rollers can easily be bought from shops selling Chinese items or online.  Museflower Retreat & Spa Chiang Rai owner and founder Tania Ho gives some advice on using the jade roller on yourself at home, “It’s best to use it after you cleanse and tone your face. You can use it after you apply serum but before facial cream on the face. Or use it with facial oil.  Sweep the jade roller on the skin in an outwards and upwards direction with light pressure for one to two minutes.

You can also chill the jade roller in the fridge or a bowl of cold water or cold towel for a few minutes for an additional cooling effect. For cleaning, just use a damp cloth or else use gentle and natural soap to clean it.”

While it’s easy to do it yourself, nothing feels better than to have someone else do it for you.  Museflower Spa’s new treatments for 2018 offers a jade roller massage as part of its new Signature Spa Journey of Autumn.Museflower Spa uses jade rollers that are handmade by a craftsman in Chiang Rai.

Says Tania, “We first start with a herbal steam 15 minutes and a ginger and salt foot soak for 15 minutes. During the foot soak, the guest receives a short shoulder and neck massage.   Next is a 75-minute Lanna Dancing Massage, which is an Asian-Pacific fusion-style aroma body massage inspired by the techniques of Lomi Lomi massage.

The final step is a 15-minute Ancient Chinese facial massage with the jade roller. In the facial massage, we use two rollers, one on each side of the face. We make sure the jade rollers are cold, so it helps with firming the skin besides the lymphatic drainage strokes we use. After the spa journey, the guest can enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea and take home a spa gift.”

By Minty Green



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