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The Monkeypox Virus Is Becoming More Contagious Thanks To a Study



The Monkeypox Virus Is Becoming More Contagious Thanks To a Study

(CTN News) – A specific mutation in the monkeypox virus assists the virus to avoid being targeted by medicines or the body’s immune system, experts say. As a result, it remains contagious.

In the Journal of Autoimmunity, the study is published. It may result in a better understanding of existing drugs used to treat monkeypox or the development of new medicines that can counteract the mutations.

Using a temporal analysis, we were able to determine how the virus evolved over time. According to Shrikesh Sachdev, “The virus appears to be accumulating mutations where drugs and antibodies from vaccines are supposed to bind,” according to the report.

The virus is becoming more intelligent. It is able to avoid being targeted by drugs and antibodies produced by the body’s immune response and spread to more people,” he concluded.

Researchers analyzed DNA sequences of more than 200 strains of monkeypox virus spanning multiple decades. This included outbreaks in 1965 with the first occurring the early 2000s and most recently in 2022.

During the analysis of the monkeypox virus strains, the team examined five specific proteins, including DNA polymerase, DNA helicase, bridging protein A22R, DNA glycosylase, and G9R.

As soon as I saw the data, I realized the mutations had occurred at critical points affecting DNA genome binding, as well as where drugs and vaccine-induced antibodies are expected to bind.

This work is critical because the first step toward solving a problem is to determine where the problem occurs. It is a team effort,” he said.

A sudden outbreak of monkeypox spread across the world in May, and within months more than 73,000 cases and 29 deaths were recorded in over 100 countries.

Nearly 90 percent of the cases have been reported among men who have had sex with men. However, the number of new cases has decreased significantly in recent weeks, according to the UN health agency.

The World Health Organization said earlier this week that monkeypox continues to meet the criteria for a public health emergency of international concern.

Does monkeypox hurt?

The rash can initially look like pimples or blisters and may be painful or itchy.


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