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The Applications and Manufacturing Process of Medical Sensors



Medical Sensors

In modern days, medical sensors have a crucial role in the treatment of multiple chronic diseases. With the development of these sensors, doctors can now easily treat some inaccessible regions of our bodies. These medical sensors are constructed of micro-coils. Therefore, to prepare the medical sensors, manufacturers need to manufacture the micro-coils. The making of micro-coils involves ultra-fine wires connecting method and winding method. For these methods, manufacturers require built-in house equipment and custom machinery. This article will offer you an overview of the applications and manufacturing process of medical sensors.

The Significance of Medical Sensors:

The opportunities that the medical sensors produce for the doctors are-

  • With the help of medical sensors, doctors can have access to some unreachable parts of our bodies.
  • In order to eradicate the tumors through heating and freezing methods, sensors are crucial for cryo-cancer treatment.
  • Doctors can reduce disrupted body functions with the help of medical sensors.
  • Medical sensors are effective for less consumption of energy and a better lifetime of implants.

Medical Sensor Applications:

Sensors serve several application fields, such as

  • Implants:

In order to manufacture active implants such as pacemakers and other devices for monitoring and controlling deep brain stimulation, sensors play a crucial role.

  • Therapeutic Applications:

Medical sensors are required for some critical treatments such as electricity-based ablations and electrophysiological treatments.

  • Diagnostics:

In the case of wireless communication, miniatured implants are essential that involve sensors.

  • Temperature Measurement:

Sensors help in the temperature measurement through miniature thermocouples.

  • Orthopedic Aids:

When it comes to manufacturing the operating systems of orthopedic aids, medical sensors are crucial parts that help to generate electromagnetic pulses.

  • Dental:

Sensors are also useful in dental treatment.

  • Navigation:

Sensors help in multiple navigation activities, such as targeted radiation catheters, implanted markers,highly-accurate ablations, stent positioning, inter-body tagging, and targeted drug delivery.

Manufacturing Process:

As micro-coils are the crucial element of medical sensors, in this article, we will explain to you the manufacturing process of micro-coils. The main process of micro-coil manufacturing is the winding method that involves twisting the ultra-fine wires around a core. The diameter of an ultra-fine wire has to be about 8 microns. Therefore, the diameter of an ultra-fine wire is 5 to 10 times smaller in comparison to human hair. Therefore, it is a quite tough job to deal with these tine wires. Manufacturers also require joining two ultra-fine wires in order to use them in the winding method. The best method for joining the wires is the Thermo compression bonding technology. This technology not only helps the manufacturers to minimize the overall manufacturing costs but also offers the most reliable and corrosion-free joints.

Manufacturing Requirements:

When it comes to manufacturing the micro-coils for medical sensors, manufacturers need to understand the purpose of use and the predetermined specifications of the clients. The micro-coils must have high standard quality and there should not be any manufacturing fault. The manufacturers should also develop specialized equipment and machinery in-house according to the client’s specifications. Material traceability is another important manufacturing requirement for micro-coils.

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