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Thailand’s Public Health Minister Releases Enhanced Policies for 2015



Chiang Rai Times
Chiang Rai Times

Public Health Minister Dr. Rajata Rajatanavin

BANGKOK – Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health Minister Dr. Rajata Rajatanavin has unveiled major policie changes for 2015 aimed at extending health services for Thai Citizens and foreign workers.Public Health Minister Rajata Rajatanavin disclosed that all the 10 policies to be implemented this year would benefit a larger number of people.

Minister Dr. Rajata Rajatanavin said the Ministry’s plans are partly derived from His Majesty the King’s initiatives, such as the eradication of iodine deficiency and the improvement of family doctor services at hospitals of all levels.
In addition to the treatment, the Ministry will focus on health maintenance in people of all groups, including alien workers.At the same time, the Ministry will propose new laws aimed at protecting consumers’ rights more effectively. It has also planned to secure necessary vaccine and drug supplies by building vaccine factories which are expected to be completed within two years. Dr. Ratchata said the policy implementation would require cooperative efforts from other agencies as well.

Regarding international cooperation, the Ministry will sign agreements with international health bodies to strengthen the country’s abilities to prevent newly emerging infectious diseases. Dr. Ratchata assured that all the policies would be conducted with transparency.

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