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Thailand To Import 1,000 Doses Of Smallpox Vaccine From The US This Month

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Thailand To Import 1,000 Doses Of Smallpox Vaccine From The US This Month

(CTN News)  – Monkeypox infection is on the rise globally. There are still two cases confirmed in Thailand, but the latest step is to import 1,000 doses of the smallpox vaccine by August.

A 47-year-old Thai man was examined by the Department of Disease Control today (August 2, 2022). On July 26, he was transferred to Wachira Hospital for treatment. In Europe, the West African B.1 strain of monkeypox has been confirmed to be spreading.

The investigation indicates that the disease was spread by a foreign man.

Two houses, totaling 18 people, failed the risk group test. Symptoms were observed for 21 days but no results were found. The European was infected, but the Belgian was not.

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An exposure suspected to be the cause of infection is currently being tracked but is expected to travel outside the country soon

According to Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong, MD. Director-General of the Department of Disease Control, there is no specific vaccine for smallpox at present. However, there is a third-generation smallpox vaccine made in the United States.

Smallpox monkeys can be prevented with it. Therefore, we have coordinated with the Pharmaceutical Organization to import 1,000 doses into Thailand by injecting two doses at a time by one person.

It is expected to arrive in August, but it is not necessary to inject everyone with it. Injecting only what is needed

Two monkeypox patients were inoculated by the Department of Medical Sciences. Test for immunity after vaccination, but inoculation takes time. Blood will be drawn from volunteers who have had abscesses if it works.

The Department of Medicine has issued guidelines for smallpox diagnosis.

Infected people will be hospitalized in infection isolation rooms. There are, however, patients at risk of severe symptoms.

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