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Thailand gets its Very 0wn Safe Sex App “Just in Time for Valentine’s Day”




THAILAND – Valentine’s day is less than a week away. Lovers around the world use this specific occasion to celebrate their love for one another. While the red roses and Hallmark cards tradition originated in the West, the holiday remains widely celebrated in Thailand. In fact, Valentine’s Day is sometimes quasi-jokingly referred to as “losing virginity day” in Thailand.

Bearing that in mind, Thai Health Promotion Foundation has created an app promoting safe sex awareness. Available only in Thai, Me Sex or “have sex” in Thai, is an iOS app that provides information about almost anything one needs to know about sex.

In order to access the free app, the user must “unzip” it (see screenshot). Afterwards, users will find content for men or women regarding STIs, pregnancy, rape, along with how to prepare for sexual intercourse and practice good hygiene. The app also comes with a message board where users can ask questions and exchange knowledge.

Sex is a taboo subject in the Thai culture and teens are sometimes too shy to open up to their parents about it. This app, although not very interactive, provides enough useful information for young Thais without access to good sex education resources. In part due to poor sex-ed curricula in schools, the number of teen pregnancy in the nation has been on the rise.

Me Sex is available on iOS.

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