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Thai Health Organizes Over 500 Different Activities for 2019 School Year Break



Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) has organized over 500 different activities for the school break, looking to develop a variety of skills in children.

The activities were unveiled under the banner “Happy School Break 2019” by ThaiHealth and are being conducted as part of 400 different projects.

ThaiHealth Manager Supreeda Adulyanon revealed that the foundation’s surveys found as many as 43 percent of the nation’s youths are unable to take part in constructive extra-curricular activities due to their remote location.

The foundation has trained additional personnel to conduct activities and added spaces for such events in 15 provinces across the country. Locations where activities will take place now include the National Science Museum, Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Fine Arts Department.

The activities are divided into four categories; pursuit of one’s dreams, getting to know the world, social awareness and volunteerism and career building.

Those interested can find information at the Facebook page Happyschoolbreak.

By Tarin Angskul


Happy School Break 2019

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