Study Found Thailand's Youth Addicted To Online Games


Study Found Thailand’s Youth Addicted to Online Games



A resent study has found that Thailand’s youth spend an average of three to five hours per day playing online games. — In Bangkok that can rise to more than eight hours.

The findings come from a study conducted of 3,056 high school and vocational students nationwide this year. The study found that 8.1% of Bangkok students spend more than eight hours a day playing online game on weekends. According to Teerarat Pantawee Wongtanaanek, the study’s lead author and also president of the Radio and Media Association for Children and Youth.

Almost two-thirds of students said they played online for between three and five hours a day.

Certain games had been linked with aggression and mood changes among players. Including Starcraft 2, Takken 7, Mobile Legends and Fifa Online, she said.

Some players also admitted to gambling on online games, spending an average of 1,000 baht a month, she said.

The researcher urged all teachers and parents to instill youngsters with good habits and discipline in their online gaming. A draft bill to regulate online gaming and protect youngsters should also be ready by March next year, she said.

The Department of Children and Youth has also called on all sectors to take action to protect children from online perils. Saying children might be exploited or sexually while playing online games with others.



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