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Top 5 Crucial Ways to Prevent Migraine Triggers



Top 5 Crucial Ways to Prevent Migraine Triggers

If you are suffering from a migraine headache, you need to find ways to reduce personal trigger instances. The common culprits come from skipped meals, stress, or withdrawal from caffeine.

Try keeping track of migraine symptoms in a diary. Do check your sleeping patterns. Note your eating habits. Find out how life events trigger headaches? These come under critical clues to find out migraine triggers.

The sad part with migraine is that they can come without warning. When you have pain attacks, you must take your medicine. Try to keep it handy in your bag always.

Some steps that can keep the triggers at bay

Find out what leads to migraine triggers:

1. Keep a Watch on Your Eating Habits

Remember what you ate or drank that day whenever you get a pain attack. When you notice a pattern, avoid that food item. Make a laundry list of food that can trigger migraines. Most of them are cheese, chocolate, and some dairy products or things with artificial sweeteners or caffeine because they contain a pungent smell.

2. Do you need exercise?

Everybody knows the key to good health is exercise. Physical activity is a must. However, for some, exercising can trigger migraine. If you are keen on exercising, you must ask your doctor for advice. At TMJ migraine relief options can help you ease out stress.

3. Reduce your stress

In most cases, stress is the biggest culprit for migraine. You must keep stress away through proper exercise, meditation, prayer, or spending time with people you like. Try to avoid things that bring stress and do activities that keep you happy. There are ways to keep your heart calm and reduce stress.

Many people worry too much about when the next attack will strike them, leading to an exhausting ending cycle of aggression. Therefore, you should make a list of things that cause tension or stress and then try to work towards reducing those activities in your life.

You might also engage in relaxation therapy or biofeedback daily, maintaining a consistent sleeping schedule to reduce instances of stress.

4. How do triggers function?

A trigger is more like a switch. When you flip it on, it will start a process in your brain that can trigger pain and other migraine symptoms. However, it is not as simple as any cause-and-effect process.

It is so because something that might start a migraine one particular day might not have the same serial effect on another day. What triggers your migraine is when you indulge in one or more triggers on that specific day.

  • You must know that triggers vary from person to person, but mostly it is related to stress.
  • Stress can be physical that as dehydration, hormonal changes, or even sleep loss.
  • It can also be emotionally related to anxiety.
  • Any environmental changes or changes in the weather can also lead to migraine triggers.

5. Dealing with migraine triggers

Many patients are trying to find ways to reduce migraine pain, and acupuncture is one such way. However, the procedure’s effectiveness depends on your diet and sleeping patterns.

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