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How to Improve the Result of Rhinoplasty Drastically

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Rhinoplasty is popularly known as a nose job, which is a surgical process for enhancing the look and function of the nose. According to international institutes reports, nearly 2,20,000 people go through this process every year. Hence, it is the most common plastic surgery known to individuals. Rhinoplasty helps improve breathing and grabs a balanced appearance.

How appropriate is rhinoplasty for you? 

Rhinoplasty is not only used for cosmetic purposes but also for medical reasons. One of the typical reasons for this process is the rectification of difficulty in breathing. Nasal obstruction causes issues with exercise sleep apnea and disturbs other activities. When other medical treatments fail, surgery is the only option left behind.

Nasal surgery depends on the requirement and medical history of the person. Only a surgeon with experience in this field can help you with stunning results. Remember that it is a combination of different processes, each of which has a significant area of specialization. Rhinoplasty thereby helps improve nasal shape and breathing. It addresses septal deformity while strengthening breathing areas of your nose with an aptly placed cartilage graft.

How is the process completed? 

General anesthesia helps in performing rhinoplasty. A tiny incision on the base of the nose heals quickly. The incision connects to the incision inside your nose. It gives access to the bones and cartilage of the nose. Following this, the nasal passageway improves and leads to nasal reshaping.

If you want to get viable results from the surgery, you have to discuss your case in detail with eminent surgeons like Dr. Haruko Okada. Always go for board-certified surgeons because they have experience in this field. Along with this, you must engage in a detailed conversation to understand the pros and cons of each procedure.

From the pre-surgery to the surgery and post-surgery stage, discuss everything in detail. Whether you opt for it for cosmetic or medical reasons, you have to be sure about it. Also, there is a lot to be discussed about your diet and exercise.

What to expect? 

You may have to take a week off from your work. You have to devote this time to rest and make provisions for regular nasal cleaning. The doctor may prescribe medicines and other treatments. You have to be consistent with this because it’s a vital part of your recovery.

At times, you may observe minimum swelling, but that is normal. If you see the swelling and bruising occur prominently, get in touch with your doctor as fast as possible.

Rhinoplasty can be an option to strengthen your profile and improve facial structure. It would help if you did as per the advice of the surgeon. Keep realistic expectations from these processes because you have to maintain a proper diet and exercise.

In the post-surgery stage, you must make provisions for regular visits to your doctor for detailed monitoring of the recovery. The more consistently you follow the treatment, the better consequences you will achieve. Nasal surgeries require proper care and long-term medication.


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