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Rett Syndrome Angels Partner With Worcester’s Double Down For The Next Draft

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Rett Syndrome

(CTN News) – Rett syndrome is a genetic neurological and developmental disorder that affects brain development. As a result of this disorder, motor skills and language decline.

Females are primarily affected by Rett syndrome. An infant with syndromes seems to have a normal first six months of life.

When this occurs, the babies lose skills they previously had, such as crawling, walking, communicating, or using their hands.

Children with syndromes have increasing problems using muscles that control movement, coordination, and communication over time. There is also a possibility of seizures and intellectual disability associated with Rett syndrome.

It has become uncommon to use your hands purposefully. Instead, you use them in unusual ways, such as rubbing them together or clapping them.

Potential treatments are being investigated for Rett syndrome, despite the fact that there is no cure. For children and adults with Rett syndrome and their families, current treatment focuses on improving movement and communication, treating seizures, and providing care and support.

Rett syndrome Symptoms

Rett syndromes is typically diagnosed after a relatively straightforward pregnancy and delivery. In the first six months after a child has been diagnosed with syndrome, the infant seems to be growing and behaving as expected.

There is a period of time between the onset of symptoms and the appearance of signs.

It has been observed that the most noticeable changes will occur between the ages of 12 and 18 months, during a period of several weeks or months. A child’s symptoms, as well as their severity, can vary greatly from one child to another.

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