Reiki Treatments and Training in Chiang Rai


Reiki Treatments and Training in Chiang Rai



Learning how to give Reiki to kids


Chiangrai Times – Get Reiki treatments and training (all levels) in the town of Mae Sai, which is located in the beautiful Chiang Rai province of Northern Thailand.

With a Reiki treatment, the energy that is transmitted through the hands flows into the body where it is needed, where there is a lack of energy or a blockage which may feel like pain. This is why Reiki balances the energy and provides a feeling of harmony and deep relaxation.

Reiki Teacher Graziella Ramponi Najai

Reiki is a safe, simple, natural and easy-to-learn technique. It only requires a Reiki Master who is willing to harmonize your body to connect to Reiki Source and receive its deeply relaxing healing energy. Once you are aligned with this wonderful energy, it is with you for life.

The ability to learn Reiki is not dependent on your intellectual capacity. Nor do you have to be able to meditate. It does not take years of practice to learn Reiki. It is simply passed on from the teacher to the student. As soon as this is done, you have and can do Reiki. Because of this, it is easily learned by anyone.

Reiki is known to help you as it raises the energy of the immune system and promotes the natural healing of the body. In very difficult cases, Reiki will at least help the patient face the changes in a more harmonious way. Depending on the seriousness of the sickness, the patient should receive 2 to 3 Reiki sessions a day for at least a month. Reiki provides wonderful comforting care in difficult times and helps to make the dying process more acceptable.

Our treatment and training site “La Collina” (The Hill) is located in Baan Chong, 10km outside the border town Mae Sai, in Chiang Rai Province.

“La Collina” is as its name says on a beautiful hill surrounded by nature, very quiet and peaceful.

Please note that you have to walk the last 50m uphill. If this is not possible for you, please tell us in advance and we can make an arrangement.


You can reach “La Collina” from Mae Sai bus station, by public transportation, car and motorbike.

Please contact us for more information or pick-up.


There are many guesthouses in Mae Sai, for any type of person and budget.

There is also a resort in walking distance of the treatment and traning site: Khunnam Rimtarn Resort Tel. 053-64612, where you can get a 15% discount as a Reiki student.


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