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Reading Glasses: Some Tips Before Buying



reading glasses

Reading Glasses: After forty years of age, if you feel tired eyes in the evening after the usual working day and you find some difficulty in near vision, it is advisable to do a vision check because, most likely, you are entering the stage of presbyopia.

There is nothing alarming: presbyopia is a completely normal visual condition after the age of forty, but its correction is only apparently simple.

There are many pre-assembled “reading glasses” on the market, which allow even full-blown presbyopes to read and which can be found in any pharmacy or shopping centre ready for use and with different shades. You can even buy glasses online.

However, the disadvantages of this solution often outweigh the benefits they bring.

Vision is a wonderful thing, but rather complex, and the determination of the eyewear suitable for many personal needs must take into account many parameters:

– Dioptric power: which is rarely the same in both eyes;

– Evaluation of the distance of use;

– Type of lenses: whether spherical, aspherical or dynamic.

In particular, it is important that the lenses are mounted at the right interpupillary distance, which differs from person to person. Only a pair of glasses chosen with these parameters allows presbyopes to see optimally at all distances.

The choice of lenses for your glasses changes according to technological progress. The most used solution until recently was a pair of monofocal lenses, which, however, were valid at a single distance, while today’s life, even in the age of presbyopia, requires clear vision at different distances: reading, computer, tablet, etc.

The only solution, without having to constantly change glasses, is the choice of progressive lenses, which today are very advanced and tolerated by all presbyopes.

Monofocal lenses or progressive lenses: which ones to choose for reading glasses

When we have to solve the problems created by incipient presbyopia, the choice is between cheap single vision glasses and the more technological progressive glasses.

Monofocal lenses have a single gradation and therefore can only be used for a certain distance. It can easily be fine to read a few lines before falling asleep, but when you need to look at a greater distance, everything will appear blurry.

For this reason, but also because visual problems tend to increase as we age, the most obvious solution is the choice of progressive lenses. Progressive lenses, invented in the 1950s, have greatly evolved and today represent the best solution both in terms of quality and functionality for presbyopia.

In the case of progressive lenses, a single lens is able to meet the different visual needs without having to constantly replace the glasses depending on the distances. A real multitasking lens to wear all day for a clear and sharp vision both near and far.

Personalized glasses and pre-assembled glasses: what are the differences

Ready-made reading glasses can be, as we have seen, a good “emergency” resource, to be kept in the desk drawer or in the car dashboard, to be used in case of breakage or loss of progressive glasses.

Vision is an important thing, and it is always worth choosing the best quality by opting for a pair of custom-made prescription glasses that can also be found at affordable prices. The purchase of personalized reading glasses also allows you to have lenses with features that the pre-assembled glasses do not have, such as:

– The anti-reflective treatment, which eliminates eye fatigue caused by lens reflections,

– The protective treatment, which ensures eye protection from UV rays and visible blue light from digital devices.

What is certain is that the ideal choice for presbyopes is represented by progressive lenses, which not only guarantee the possibility of seeing well at all distances but above all, are always available and allow you to read a receipt or answer the mobile phone without searching.

Disadvantages of pre-assembled reading glasses

The common pre-assembled glasses, already graduated and ready to use, can still be purchased from some opticians, but especially in pharmacies or in a department store. Pre-assembled glasses, which became popular in the 90s, have the advantage of being cheap and are available in many styles and colours. Thanks to their low cost it is possible to buy even more pairs to keep in different rooms of the house, as well as in the car, in the office, in the bag and so on.

However, pre-assembled glasses have significant disadvantages:

– They are not suitable for prolonged use that requires attention and precision

– The low cost is at the expense of the quality of the lenses

– The lens is the same for both eyes

– The position of the optical centre of the lenses is not customized.

Hopefully what has been written above can help you find the best reading glasses.


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