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Public Health Ministry to Crackdown on illegal Beauty Clinics in Thailand



Thai woman walking past a body treatment shop in Bangkok

Thai woman walking past a body treatment shop in Bangkok


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Public Health has assigned all of its branches across Thailand to shut down illegal beauty clinics and has cautioned the public not to be easily misled by the media.

Dr. Narong Sahamethapat, the Permanent-Secretary for Public Health, has ordered related agencies to eradicate illegal beauty clinics that have used the social media to advertise their services online. Should these clinics be found guilty, then they would be prosecuted by the court of law.

The Permanent-Secretary also assigned the ministry’s branches to diffuse information to the public regarding these clinics. He has told the people not to be easily fooled by media propaganda, as they place their lives at risk.

Dr. Narong advised people to check whether the clinics have a valid license for operating a hospital, as these licenses are normally laminated and attached on the wall in front of the clinic’s examination room.

People are encouraged to call the hotline 02-193-7999 around the clock, if there is anything suspicious.

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