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NMN and NAD+ the Ultimate Guide



NMN and NAD+ the Ultimate Guide

Years of researching the aging process have led to many discoveries, but the most recent one is that levels of NAD+ have a significant role in our organs, bodies, and cells growing older.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme that slows the process of aging. This coenzyme helps our body stay vital and promotes the normal function of other crucial enzymes in our bodies. However, NAD+ levels can’t be constant and are not finite.

NAD+ levels can drop significantly by a certain age, causing dysfunction of our cells and organs and accelerating aging. Keeping the NAD+ levels regular is essential to stay healthy and vital with each passing year.

However, the best way to keep NAD+ levels elevated is through its predecessor, NMN. NMN supplements are becoming popular in the industry of anti-aging, and many people want to know more about their function and benefits. Here’s an ultimate guide on this magical supplement.

Introduction to NMN

NMN is a coenzyme derived from niacin (vitamin B3), typically present in human cells. Our body uses NMN to synthesize NAD+ and increase its levels. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide can be in the form of NMN powder, and you can also find it in some foods.

However, if you want to consume at least 250gr of NMN daily, you’ll need to eat enormous quantities of broccoli and tomato, which is impossible. That’s why most people usually opt for taking NMN as a supplement or powder.

NMN can help our body to produce NAD+, it has a significant role in slowing the anti-aging process, and it can act beneficially in specific chronic condition treatments. Recent research shows that NMN can be beneficial in supporting regular blood flow, muscle strength, brain health and cognition, and heart health.

Even though people don’t know much about this supplement, it’s clear that NMN has the great potential to become a life-changer.

What benefits does NMN have for our body?

NMN is a naturally occurring coenzyme closely linked to NAD+. People call it a miracle supplement because of its ability to maintain cell function, power metabolic function, and repair the DNA. Without enough NMN levels, our body can become exposed to various internal and external conditions.

Low levels of NMN can cause severe conditions like accelerated aging, neurological disorders, obesity, heart disease, and cancer. The NMN that we take into our body doesn’t retain its shape but is transformed into NAD+ and helps the functioning and recovery of cells.

It also plays a significant role in producing energy, regulating the metabolic processes in our body, preventing nutritional deficiency, and strengthening our cells and immunity. NMN can boost NDA+ molecules in our hearts and prevent severe heart disease conditions.

NMN in the anti-aging industry

Few studies prove that NMN is efficient for slowing the anti-aging process. An animal study confirms that the long-term use of NMN can slow down aging.

More anti-aging companies promote NMN powder as the best alternative to slow aging. Although it has not been proven that this supplement directly affects aging, it can help maintain health, skin, and hair and fight the signs of aging.

It can also be very beneficial to your overall health, which is crucial for slowing the aging process and keeping your body healthy for as long as you can control it.

Is there a dosage for NMN?

NMN powder and supplements are costly. Even though there is no exact dosage, it’s clear that people would like to know how to consume this supplement and organize the doses so that they don’t break their budget.

The best news about NMN is that this supplement has very few side effects. It means that you can’t overdose or experience something unusual. The worst thing that can happen is mild nausea, but since there’s no exact dose, the question is, how much is enough?

The approximate recommended daily dose is 3.4 mg per pound, which means that each individual must calculate their weight and determine a unique quantity. You shouldn’t exceed the amount of 500mg per day, primarily if you use NMN powder.

Does the NMN work fast?

The good thing is that it doesn’t take much time for the NMN to be fully effective after you take it. However, this only applies if you’re taking NMN sublingually. In that case, your body can benefit from NMN 15 minutes after ingestion.

According to the newest research, this supplement needs 15 minutes to convert into NAD+ and start acting on your cells, brain, and body. After 15 minutes of ingestion, NAD+ levels continue to grow, and they start promoting recovery and energy.

If you want to benefit completely and get the most out of taking NMN, you need to consume it continuously for about 2–3 months. That’s normal, considering that all supplements need time to start working in full force.


Even though there is more animal over human studies on NMN, this supplement shows excellent potential in the pharmaceutical and beauty industries. Even better, it’s safe and effective in slowing down the aging of cells, which is very promising for the human race. Buy NMN powder or capsules only from reputable vendors that offer lab-tested products for the best results.

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