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Multiple Studies Have Found That Red Meat Poses Serious Health Risks

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Multiple Studies Have Found That Red Meat Poses Serious Health Risks

(CTN News) – According to a study summary from Study Finds, red meat poses serious health risks, including stroke and cancer.

Researchers from Michigan State University found a link between diet-related deaths and red meat and processed foods.

10,000 deaths were linked to food-borne illnesses, according to the study. Heart disease, diabetes, and colon cancer all contributed to many of these deaths.

Scientists discovered in another shocking study that red and processed meat damage DNA and can eventually cause colorectal cancer.

As a physician at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Dr Marios Giannakis explained, “We have known for some time that processed meat and red meat are risk factors for colorectal cancer.”

“These findings suggest that red meat consumption may cause alkylating damage to KRAS and PIK3CA that promotes colorectal cancer development. In addition, our data show that red meat consumption is a risk factor for colorectal cancer and offers opportunities to prevent, detect, and treat it.”

A study found that those who regularly ate processed and red meat had a 16% higher risk of suffering a stroke.

Cornell and Northwestern University researchers found that eating processed meat, red meat, and chicken increases the risk of cardiovascular disease while eating any meat other than chicken increases the risk of death from any cause.

Any changes in diet or concerns about red or processed meat should be discussed with a medical expert first.

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