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Monkeypox Vaccines Arrive In Victoria For People Most At Risk, Here’s How It Works

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Monkeypox Vaccines Arrive In Victoria For People Most At Risk, Here's How It Works

(CTN News) – Monkeypox vaccines have reached Victoria as concerns about curbing the disease continue at a global level.

It is not being widely encouraged that people take the monkeypox vaccine, but rather directed toward particular groups at high risk.

In Victoria, 22 cases of monkeypox have been reported, with seven still active.

One case was transmitted locally, but most were returned, to travelers.

What do we know about Monkeypox the vaccine?

Victoria has been allocated 3,500 doses of the third-generation JYNNEOS smallpox vaccine, one of two smallpox vaccines approved for use in Australia.

Globally, there is a high demand for the vaccine, which limits supply.

Two doses need to be administered at least 28 days apart via injection, preferably in the upper arm.

Vaccinating within 14 days of exposure to monkeypox may reduce the severity of the illness, according to Australia’s federal health department.

The highest chance of avoiding monkeypox is four days after exposure.

Five thousand doses of the vaccine will be distributed in New South Wales this week.

It is up to individual states and territories to decide how to distribute vaccine doses, although the Commonwealth is organizing the program.

Mary-Anne Thomas, Victorian Health Minister, said the Commonwealth’s first delivery of vaccines was welcome, with more due later this year.

How can that eligible access it?

Monkeypox Vaccines will be offered at a handful of Melbourne health clinics, and public health units may offer the vaccine in regional areas if eligible.

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre, Thorne Harbour Health, Northside Clinic, Collins Street Medical Centre and Prahran Market Clinic are among the clinics participating in the rollout.

People who have been exposed to a confirmed monkeypox case will be vaccinated by health authorities.

What’s the latest on the spread of monkeypox?

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer called monkeypox a “communicable disease incident of national importance” at the end of July.

The WHO declared a global “public health emergency” after the virus spread to over 70 countries.

Since May, the disease has spread worldwide from west and central African countries.

Over 26,000 cases have been reported worldwide, mainly in the US and Europe.

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