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Monkeypox Has Peaked In the UK, But Scientists Disagree As The Country Reports 45 New Cases



Monkeypox Has Peaked In the UK, But Scientists Disagree As The Country Reports 45 New Cases

(CTN News) – As of June 10, the UK health officials were unable to determine if monkeypox had peaked in the UK, as they reported another 45 cases, making it the largest-ever epidemic outside of Africa.

According to the UK’s Health Security Agency, men accounted for 99% of all instances, and nearly all of the 152 men who provided comprehensive information identified as gay, bisexual, or sexed with men. Almost 80% of cases were reported in London, and the median age was 38.

“We cannot yet determine if the transmission has stopped increasing,” the agency said in a report, citing the reporting gap between when patients first noticed symptoms and when they were diagnosed with monkeypox.

If someone comes into close physical contact with an infected person or their bed sheets or clothes, they can get monkeypox. Scientists claim that monkeypox is spread in geographically diffuse sexual networks, adding that some linkages extend beyond the UK.

According to the specialists, the majority of cases involved sexual contact with new or casual partners, often accompanied by cruising grounds or chemsex, referring to drug use and sex.

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1,000 cases of monkeypox reported in 29 countries

Sexual partners’ contact information is frequently missing, according to experts. A senior WHO consultant claimed last month that the recent outbreak in Europe and abroad was most likely caused by sex at two recent raves in Spain and Belgium.

There have been more than 1,000 cases of monkeypox reported in 29 countries that have never seen a smallpox epidemic, including the United States, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Canada, according to the World Health Organization.

Poland reported its first case on June 10. The virus has not yet killed anyone in Poland.

According to the UK’s Health Security Agency, most of the cases involved men who reported having sex in saunas, dark rooms, or sex clubs.
(WHO) head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that monkeypox has most certainly been spreading unnoticed for some time outside of Africa, and that the UN health agency is particularly concerned about spreading to more vulnerable groups, such as children and pregnant women.
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