Monkeypox 1st Case Reported In Jordan


Monkeypox 1st Case Reported In Jordan



(CTN News) _ A case of monkeypox was registered in Jordan for the first time on Thursday, according to the Health Ministry.

As reported by the Jordan News Agency, Petra, the patient is a Jordanian citizen in his 30s who travelled recently to several European countries before returning to Jordan on August 20, according to the ministry.

According to the ministry, the patient began experiencing symptoms on August 25, including a high temperature, sore throat, muscle pains, and swollen lymph nodes, as well as a sore throat.

This patient’s treatment was initially caused by a sore throat that he was suffering from.

The patient developed skin pustules on his hands five days later, prompting him to visit a doctor, who suspected as the cause of the pustules on his hands.

A sample of pustules and blood were taken by the doctor. After a PCR test was conducted in the lab on Thursday morning, the results confirmed a case.

As explained by the ministry, the patient is in good health and is recovering at home in an isolated environment.

The ministry said that it is investigating persons who were in contact with the patient to follow up on their wellbeing.

As part of its commitment to follow up on, the ministry also stated that it would “transparently” announce any cases that it discovers, and that it was capable of handling any developments that were to occur related to the disease.

In order for the diseases to spread from person to person, close contact with those who are infected is required.

What is the cure for monkeypox?

Currently, there is no specific treatment approved for monkeypox virus infection. However, there are several antiviral medications used to treat smallpox and other conditions that may help patients with infection.

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