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Learning 5 Ways To Remove Unwanted Toxins From Your Body



Learning 5 Ways To Remove Unwanted Toxins From Your Body

The word “toxins” is associated with a lot of negative things and for good reasons. Most people know unwanted toxins are harmful to the body. But in most cases, that’s about as far as the knowledge goes. On the other hand, detox or detoxification has become a buzzword. Yet, it’s also surrounded by a lot of misconceptions.

For one, everyone’s body has the innate ability to get rid of unwanted toxins. There are specific organs dedicated to ridding the body of harmful substances in the food and drinks you consume. One such organ is the liver, which has detoxification pathways researched by science.

Your ability to fully understand how your body deals with toxins will help you know the necessary steps to take to keep your body free of such harmful substances. So let’s get the ball rolling by looking closely at toxins.

Common Toxins in Your Body

Learning 5 Ways To Remove Unwanted Toxins From Your Body

Toxins used in the premise of detoxing is a word that describes a variety of substances, including heavy metals, pollutants, processed foods, harmful ingredients, synthetic chemicals, etc. All these substances have one thing in common. They adversely impact your health. Meanwhile, there are some specific chemicals that you need to consider, namely:

Several food sources like fish and fast foods contain some, if not all, of these toxins. Although you might not be showing any effects, consuming these in large quantities can have dire consequences.

Fortunately, remedies like the Puriclean pill and lifestyle adjustments can help avert the effects of toxins. You can learn about Puriclean pill here or use the tips below to start detoxifying today.

Drink Copious Amounts of Water Daily

There’s a reason your body thirsts for water many times a day. The human body is made of about 60 percent water, and you need this universal solvent for almost every biomechanics that takes place in your body. It helps lubricate joints, dissolve and absorb nutrients, facilitate digestion, regulate body temperature, and eliminate waste products from the body. Thus, keeping your body hydrated is the best thing you can do to remove toxins naturally.

According to experts, men should take about 101 ounces of water every day, while women need to drink at least 74 ounces daily. This is the equivalent of 3.0 liters and 2.1 liters, respectively. However, you should keep in mind that your body may need more or less water depending on your immediate environment, daily activities, and diet.

Exercise More

Learning 5 Ways To Remove Unwanted Toxins From Your Body

Frequent exercise, irrespective of your current weight, is vital for long-term health. It also helps lower your risk of different diseases and conditions such as heart disease, specific types of cancer, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, etc. Although the reasons behind the health impacts of exercise are many, decreased inflammation is an essential one.

Although some level of inflammation is needed for recovery from wounds and infections, in excess, it promotes diseases and weakens the body’s systems. Minimizing inflammation through regular exercise helps the detoxifications systems of your body to function at their best.

Also, exercise helps you get better sleep. Getting enough quality sleep will accelerate your recovery and support your general wellbeing. Generally, it’s recommended to perform moderate to intense exercise about 150 to 300 minutes per week.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

Studies show that the liver is responsible for metabolizing over 90 percent of the alcohol you consume. Enzymes in the liver convert alcohol to acetaldehyde, a chemical known to cause cancer. However, your liver identifies acetaldehyde as a toxin and further metabolizes it into a less harmful form called acetate, and then removes it from the body.

Although research suggests that low to moderate alcohol intake presents some health benefits to the heart, excessive alcohol consumption can result in various health complications. Some adverse effects of too much alcohol include liver damage through inflammation, scarring, and fat buildup.

Limit Salt Intake

Eating salt in excess can lead to the retention of too much fluid in your body. This can be particularly serious if you have a pre-existing liver or kidney problem or if you fail to take in enough water. One problem caused by the excess fluid is bloating.

One of the ways you can detox yourself of the excess fluids is to drink more water. Salt intake without enough water causes the secretion of an antidiuretic hormone that inhibits urination and detoxification. Doubling down on water intake will make your body decrease the release of antidiuretic hormone and promote urine production, which removes more water and toxins.

Eat Healthy Meals

Learning 5 Ways To Remove Unwanted Toxins From Your Body

Finally, eat healthy meals instead of sugar and processed foods products found in most fast foods. Eating habits are the root cause of many health issues in today’s society. Problems like obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and several other chronic diseases have been linked to high sugar consumption.

These conditions disrupt your body’s ability to eliminate harmful toxins by affecting vital organs that play a central role in the natural detoxification process. For instance, excess intake of sugary beverages can lead to fatty liver, which hinders liver functions.


Adopting a holistic approach to toxin elimination has many benefits, including weight management, per research. But instead of focusing on the outcomes and benefits, it’s better to look for a way to eliminate toxins that don’t put much stress on your body and, if possible, are even enjoyable. Usually, this means eating clean and fresh foods and cultivating healthy lifestyle habits. Moreover, you don’t have to spend extra money on any supplements and the cash you spend on alcohol.

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