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Kitted out: What Every First Aid Kit Needs to be Effective



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The legendary first aid kit can never be underestimated. There are so many daily situations in which it might be called upon to dress bruise, cut or sprain. They may be needed for someone prior to taking them to the hospital or what’s in the kit might be enough to correctly treat their wound without the need for further attention.

Either way, every first aid kit should require a list of essentials like top3M medical tape, bandages and gauze swabs to ensure they are fully kitted out in the event of a person requiring treatment.

Let’s check out a list of things your first aid kit should always have at the ready.

Medical tape

After all, there is no point in applying any bandage or wound dressing if you are unable to hold the dressing in place! Medical tape is such a vital necessity that is so often taken for granted because it is just tape – but this simply isn’t the case.

Medical tape is made specifically to be gently applied to the skin and has hypoallergenic properties that generally won’t cause any trouble for the person’s skin.


A first aid kit simply is not a first aid kit without wound dressing. Wound dressing is typically a sterile pad or compresses that is applied to the wound to promote healing and to stop it from experiencing further complications. They can be placed on a range of different abrasions to promote healing and deter infection.


The classic bandage has always been a trusty treatment in the home, in the workplace and on the road. Bandages, like that of Band-Aids, are designed with a piece of dressing that can be applied to minor cuts and abrasions.

For example, if you ever accidentally cut yourself in the kitchen, but don’t require a large piece of dressing or gauze pad, you can simply go to your first aid kit, grab a Band-Aid and place that around the cut.

You may further want to tape the Band-Aid onto the cut so that it doesn’t fall off when you continue cooking, but this isn’t always necessary.

Alcohol swabs

Alcohol swabs are essential to the first aid kits as they help prevent the spread of bacteria before placing a dressing on the wound. When you cut your skin or experience a different type of abrasion, the wound becomes susceptible to bacteria spreading that can then go on to cause infection.

Whilst top wound dressing is also essential for stopping this potential bacterial spread, you may also want to apply an alcohol swab before dressing the wound to stop any potential bacteria in its newly laid tracks.

Sterile eye pad

An eye pad can always come in hand in the event of someone injuring their eye. These eye pads can be placed over the eye and can protect the eye from further damage or infection before receiving the proper top medical attention it requires.

Gauze pad

There are certain situations in which you can’t use dressing like Band-Aids for a wound. For example, if you burn yourself on the cooktop at home, you won’t want to put a Band-Aid on it, as its adhesive will stick to the burn and create further pain whilst not allowing the burn to breathe.

This is where a gauze pad is a more effective option: a gauze pad is designed to sit lightly on wounds like burns so that it protects the wound whilst not applying too much pressure or sticking to it.

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