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Increasing Your HGH Levels – HGH Injections or HGH Supplements?



Increasing your HGH Levels – HGH Injections or HGH Supplements?

Human growth hormone (“HGH”) can be particularly important for all human beings. These are responsible for increasing muscle mass in the body, enhance human growth and boosting the metabolism. HGH content in your body can be increased either in an artificial manner or a naturally.

With the passage of time, HGH content in body decreases steadily. Synthetic sources are therefore used by individuals to maintain the HGH levels. The two main sources of increasing such content are injections and supplements.

Following is the best ways to increase HGH content in your body:

Human growth hormone Supplements

Hormone production levels can be effectively increased in your body by consumption of oral supplements. These are easily available in the market. The packaging is also promising for purchasers.

However, it is pertinent to note that these supplements do not contain HGH directly. There is no such thing as a pill which contains HGH. In fact, there are other compounds in these supplements which is proven to increase the HGH levels in your body. Some studies show that it increases the content by over 300%.

One of the effective compounds is called Growth Factor-9. This is a blend of amino acids which can help in building protein levels in the body. Thus, it is very safe and secure in its usage. Ingestion of such pills is healthier and more natural compared to injectible HGH. If you inject too much HGH by mistake, it can even have unwanted side effects, such as limiting the growth of HGH which is completely opposite of what you may desire. This is why a lot of medical professionals advise on intake of supplements compared to any other source which appears to be an unnatural means of increasing Human growth hormone HGH.

Human growth hormone Injections

As mentioned above, injections can be relatively dangerous compared to supplements if administered in the wrong way. However, it is undeniably the most effective way in which HGH can be increased. Nevertheless, injecting HGH on your own is illegal in all the countries. You can only administer the injections with a doctor’s prescription and if done by a medical professional itself.

Another benefit of HGH injections is that you will experience no side effects once you leave the same. It provides an overall satisfactory experience with effective results. However, it is not easy to access given that medical regulations must be complied with.

The bottom line

Above is a comparison of HGH supplements and HGH injections. There is no certain answer as to which is the best choice. It entirely depends on what your preferences are. If an individual wants direct and quick results, then injections are suitable. However, it should be administered in the right manner. Furthermore, you will have to go over the hassle to procure such injections. On the other hand, supplements are not as effective, but it is a more natural way. HGH supplements are also easier to access compared to other effective sources.


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