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How to Make Your Grandma Happy Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic



How to Make Your Grandma Happy Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has almost locked everyone in their own homes. It’s been pretty hard for people to stay indoors for days and months, disconnected from the rest of the world. But this has also opened up an opportunity to spend more time with our family members. Of all the members, it’s perhaps the eldest members who need the most care and attention. Here are some suggestions on how to make your Grandma happy in this pandemic, including some amazing gifts for grandmas.

Cook For Her, or Together if Possible

When you visit your grandma, it’s usually her who prepares the food. But when you’re under lockdown restrictions, you can take up the charge and cook for her instead. This role reversal goes a long way. This truly shows that you care for your grandma. You can prepare her favorite dish or a new one for her taste buds. She’s going to love them either way because it’s the caring that matters.

Cooking together is also a good idea. This will bring you closer to your grandma, and hopefully, you’ll get to learn some new culinary tricks. You’ll be amazed at how people in the old days used to prepare their food. Overall, it’ll be a fantastic experience — especially for your grandmother.

Explore Family Albums

Back in the old days, before Instagram and photo sharing services were a thing; it was only a photo album that saved all the memorable pictures. If you have access to them, then it’s a good idea to explore them along with her. Many good, old memories will flash right in front, which would make her feel better.

But in case your grandma is staying away from you and you have the album, you can send them as a gift for grandma.

Organize Storytelling Sessions

Grandmas usually have a lot of interesting stories to tell. If you just sit down with her, you’ll be taken aback by how much she has to tell you. This will fill her up with joy, knowing that someone is willing to listen to her. You can also narrate your own stories to her. The more you communicate, the more she will feel connected.

Try Some Board Games

Board games are an underrated source of entertainment ever since digital screens took over. But board games were everything your grandparents probably grew up playing. And your grandma is going to like it too.

There are different types of board games. Some are like Roll and Move, others are co-operative, while some are trivial board games. While all the board games provide a dose of entertainment, trivial board games go beyond that.

The games require you to solve trivial questions, which can range from geographical to politics to sports. For correct answers, points are rewarded, and that’s how a winner is selected. So with entertainment, you also get to sharpen your knowledge.

The trivia board games from online stores like BoomAgain are going to be like a workout for your grandma’s brain. If you’re with her, you can order one for yourself. Just make sure to choose a theme you and your grandma are comfortable with. Otherwise, these make great gifts for grandmas, and you can send her one.

Teach Them About Technology

Technology has taken over our world, and life feels incomplete without it. But our grandparents didn’t grow up with them. Most senior citizens still don’t know much about technology. The time you have with your grandmother in this pandemic is a great opportunity to teach her a thing or two about electronics.

You can start with a smartphone. Many grandmas don’t know what a smartphone can do. You can perhaps teach her how to surf the internet, download useful apps, take and edit pictures, and even use Instagram! The possibilities are endless.

You can also walk them through tablets, VR headsets, golf simulators, smart assistants like Siri,or the best e-books.

This education will probably make their elderly years a little bit better.

Keep Sensitization a Top Priority

Amidst this pandemic, your job is not only to make your grandma happy but also to keep her safe. And since older adults are prone to get affected by Coronavirus than teens and adults, you should take extra care.

If she’s staying with you, you can purchase sanitizers, soaps, disinfectants to keep her surroundings safe. If she’s not staying with you, send her those items as a gift. These will make great gifts for grandmas during these unprecedented times when they need such items the most.

At the end of the day, it’s about showing love and care. That’s all they seek from their children and grandchildren. So go ahead and shower them with some gifts suggested above that are specifically designed for grandparents.


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