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How Long Does It Take To Grow Weed?

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Grow Weed: If you’ve never grown your cannabis before, it can be a humbling and rewarding experience. However, there are numerous details to be concerned with before you begin. If you’re wondering, “How long does it take to produce marijuana?” or “How fast can weed grow?” then sit back and let us walk you through the process! In this post, we’ll go over varying grow times for different strains and the stages of maturity of cannabis plants.

How Long Do I Have to Wait?

The short answer is that you can expect to get a smokable bud anywhere between 9 weeks and 7 months. Cannabis’s growth cycle is divided into three stages: germination, vegetative, and blooming. Germination usually takes 1 to 5 days. The vegetative stage might span a few weeks to a few months. Finally, when the buds begin to grow, the flowering period can last anywhere from 6 weeks to 4 months. The type of strain you’re cultivating and the precise growth method you’re employing all have an impact on how long it will take to reach harvest time.

Going Into More Detail

Let’s take a step back and go through each of the primary points. The strain of the plant will have a significant impact on growing time; for example, Indicas grow faster than Sativas, and autoflowering strains overgrow. The intended yield also determines the length of time required. The more you desire, the longer it should bloom. Environmental elements like varied growing methods and settings, light, and humidity can also affect the time.

Genetics: Short or Tall, Fast Or Slow

Autoflowering strains have revolutionized the game. Their growing period is drastically decreased because they begin to flower at a younger age, regardless of how many hours of light they receive. You may anticipate harvesting your buds in 7 to 12 weeks with autoflowering cannabis because all growth phases are shortened, and the plants develop swiftly.

On the other hand, Photoperiod plants must go through the normal vegetative stage before flowering. Depending on their light schedule, these strains will start the flowering stage and remain in the vegetative phase until the light is reduced from 18-24 to 12 hours per day. Indica strains usually grow faster than Sativas, with a flowering time of 6-9 weeks rather than 8-14 weeks, though photoperiod strains that finish quicker exist.

Grow Methods: Soil and Hydro

Indoor growing methods are classified as either soil-based plants or hydroponic systems. Growing cannabis in soil takes longer than in hydro, but it is simpler for people new to the process. What are the advantages of hydroponics? You can shorten your growing period (and see results in 2-3 months), increase your production, and minimize soil-borne diseases and pests. This strategy, however, may be challenging for novices because it necessitates additional supplies and investigation.

If you prefer to use soil, you may have another question: how long does it take to cultivate marijuana outdoors versus indoors? Outdoor growing takes longer than indoor growing because the farmer has less control over the light schedule, temperature, and potential disease exposure. The vegetative condition can persist from early spring to late summer/fall when the days begin to shorten. Planting late reduces the vegetative phase, but it also reduces plant growth.

The Stages Of Maturity

First, buy beginner marijuana seeds that must germinate, which can take 1-3 days but can take longer in some cases. Once the cannabis plants have rooted and begun to grow, they enter the vegetative stage, which can last as little as a month with autoflowering strains and several months with photoperiod strains. You may control when your plant transitions from the vegetative to the flowering stage by tweaking the light schedule, which adjusts the length of each stage. You may compel the plants to bloom anytime you want because you can manually adjust the light and dark periods.

When you decide it’s time to harvest your cannabis, the flowering period comes to an end, influencing your production. The earlier you harvest, the lower your yield. Whether you’re producing a Sativa, Indica, or autoflower, you’ll usually have to wait 6-14 weeks until harvest. Remember that buds grow the greatest in the final weeks of flowering – and, of course, your crop will need to be dried and cured before consumption.

So, If You Want It Fast…

If you need your project completed as soon as feasible, there are a few options. There are fast-finishing strains, as previously noted. Still, autoflowering strains are ideal for a quick harvest, with the vegetative state lasting approximately a month and flowering taking around two months. Hydroponic methods, which require a more complicated setup, also cut grow time. On the other hand, fast-growing plants have lower yields since they spend less time bulking up in the vegetative stage. The quality of fast-grown bud varies depending on the strain, but it can be improved by allowing it to cure for a rather longer period of time.

Finally, an outside crop is not perfect for someone who needs to weed quickly. Because outside plants rely on natural light, they will not grow as quickly as they would with controlled inside lighting and reflecting material.

But If You Can Wait…

According to Seed Supreme, the rewards of devoting more time to grow are huge. You get to choose when the vegetative stage ends and when you want to harvest, and by waiting, you may be rewarded with larger buds, a larger harvest overall, and a better-matured product. Although autoflowering and quick-growing strains are tempting due to their shorter grow times, long-flowering strains frequently yield more bud because the plant has had more time to mature. It’s also worth noting that many farmers cure their harvest for longer than the typical 10 to 14 days, which can have a massive impact on the flavor, smell, and appearance of cannabis.

Final Thoughts

Every stage of the process, from germination to curing, is critical in cultivating your cannabis. Impatience can ruin a great crop, and you wouldn’t want to waste all of your hard work and time? We’ve found that 3-5 months from planting to harvest is very typical and that the growth process can only be accelerated so far.


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