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How can Abnormal White Discharge be Prevented and Cured?

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How can Abnormal White Discharge be Prevented and Cured?

Vaginal discharge is normally a clear white fluid released from the female body every month during the process of ovulation. This is odourless and common in females. But in case of altered consistency, change in colour, viscosity, irritation or itching in the urinary tract or painful urination etc. knowing about the abnormalities in white discharge reason is necessary. Every female body shows some signals in case of abnormal vaginal discharge.

Signals related to abnormalities of the same

The colour of the same turning reddish or yellow/pale in addition to the increasing intensity if the same, or a variation in smell or consistency may lead to painful urination and infections in the tract. The reasons can be bacterial and yeast infections etc.

Being specific the signals for different types of infections can be summarised as follows ‘

  • Bacterial infections

Fish like the smell, whitish-grey/ yellowish discharge colour, itchy secretion, burning sensation in vaginal glands, etc. are considered as the signals of the same.

  • Yeast prone infections

Swollen and painful vulva, unbearable itchy secretion, cheesy white discharge, and painful intimacy with the partner indicates yeast infections in the genital areas.

  • Trichomoniasis

Yellow or greenish bubbly whitish discharge, irritating odour in secretion, and painful itchy urination after the menstrual cycle become the signals for the same.

White discharge reason

Any disturbance caused in the balanced vaginal hygiene as a result of douching, use of sprays etc., intimate area washes, antibiotics, acute and chronic urinary infections etc. forms the reasons for the sensation and urinary tract abnormal discharge.

Diagnosis and treatment

In case of any above-mentioned problems, the patient needs to seek medical help. The medical experts, mostly gynecologists may examine you internally to diagnose the problem and the reason for the same. Collection of samples and pelvic and cervical examination may form the part of physical diagnosis and treatment. Though the white discharge is normal as mentioned earlier any abnormality can be prevented/avoided by keeping the following points under consideration.

  • Always prefer cleaning your genital parts clean and dry after urination especially after using public toilets/washrooms.
  • Prefer to wear cotton underpants as these allow proper ventilation. One can avoid wearing underpants at night.
  • Prefer to wear loose clothes and avoid using swimming costumes and other tight clothing for longer durations.
  • Use softer clothes instead of tight elastics etc. for your lower body.
  • Avoid using condoms and other interim contraceptives to avoid intrauterine infections.
  • Maintain perfect hygiene in your genitals.
  • Avoiding the common washrooms is the best option but in case you have to use one be sure to use a perfectly clean one.
  • Prevent douching and avoid the use of any sort of perfumes or sprays in private parts.
  • Even the modern menstrual utilities such as tampons and cups may be a reason for abnormal vaginal discharge and infections.


  • In case of yeast prone infections, the doctors tend to prescribe medication. One should opt to take the same as per the recommendation of a registered medical practitioner.
  • For curing the related bacterial growth, trichomoniasis and infections doctors refer to antibiotics, in the form of a pill. The antibiotics are consumed as a course medication and the course should be completed even if you are relieved with the first dose itself.

It’s advisable to refrain from intimacy until the problem is completely treated. In case you are desperately sexually active feel free to consult your doctor.


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