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How and Why Practicing Self-Care Can Help You

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CHIANG RAI – You may have heard the words “self-care” a lot lately as a lifestyle and wellness topic and wonder what the fuss is about – after all, don’t we take care of ourselves daily, such as brushing our teeth and combing our hair? And while we are on the point of brushing our teeth, dental care is extremely important and making regular trips to your local dentist, like this Dentist in San Francisco for those living in the area, is paramount to a healthy set of teeth

Well yes, but those daily routines are more about basic hygiene and grooming. Self care is a more conscious effort to take responsibility for our health and well-being, which is especially important now when so many people suffer from stress, exhaustion, anxiety, and sometimes depression in their jobs or in difficult relationships.

Tania Ho, founder and owner of Muse-flower Retreat & Spa Chiang Rai, explains:  “Self-care is really a big part of preventative healthcare. If we want to stay healthy, we must start to take responsibility for our own health and lifestyle.  It’s no longer just in the hands of other people such as doctors and therapists to fix things that go wrong.”

Here, Tania enlightens us on how and why practicing self-care can help us.

Museflower Retreat Spa Chiang Rai self care

What are 3 most important things people can do to care for themselves?

The first thing is to listen to your intuition. There is a lot of information out there and different approaches, therapies and modalities that may work for some people but may not work for others. Different people respond to different techniques.  The most important thing is to do what works for you, physically, emotionally, and realistically.

The second thing is to reflect on the intention of where the decision comes from. There are only two emotional places where we make decisions, one is coming from a place of fear and one from a place of love. If we are making a decision based on fear and worry, such as, “I’ll get cancer”, then we are acting based on fear.  The results may be different than, say someone making a decision based on a place of love.

The third thing is to ask for help when you need to. A lot of times we feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help or support from others because it looks like weakness.  There are no weaknesses, only areas to improve and all are opportunities for us to grow and learn.

Museflower Retreat Spa Chiang Rai take care of yourself

What are the worst things people can do that is bad for their well-being?

I guess the worst thing you can do is to ignore the signs / symptoms of something wrong. So this pretty much reiterates what I say about listening to our intuition or gut feeling as the most important thing we can do for ourselves.

Sometimes we can push our bodies past its limit just to get what we want, for example we can stay up all night just to finish work or party. The body doesn’t like it but our mind can rationalize the reasons why we need to do that. Then the body starts to suffer from back pain, chronic fatigue, or emotional distress.

When you feel that it’s really a time for change, or if your body is giving you some warning signs, it’s important to take time out to reflect on what your priority is in your life. Sometimes we just have to listen to our body and take it slow.

museflower retreat spa

How can people start practicing self-care?

Changing our habits and becoming more conscious of our lifestyle and our state of mind is a good start.  Choosing to go on a health holiday instead of a drinking and partying holiday is a good start.  Taking a health break helps you learn new wellness techniques and start new health habits.

We found that many guests who come to our wellness retreats at Museflower learn something new that they want to incorporate back in their daily life at home. For example, they might learn self-massage techniques to help with shoulder tension from working at their desk all day long. Or they would like to learn meditation so they can start to practice that daily. .

We’ve started offering self-care workshops to our guests as part of our wellness activities, such as self-massage class, do-it-yourself hair mask, healthy nutrition, and introduction to meditation. Self-care classes can give people new techniques or knowledge of wellness that people can incorporate into their lives to help improve their well being.


Museflower Retreat & Spa Chiang Rai is offering a series of Self-Care Workshops throughout 2018, taught by in-house and visiting practitioners.  Based on guest surveys and feedback, Museflowerr’s self care workshops include yoga safety and yoga philosophy; gut health; how to prevent lower back pain; understanding energy; and spiritual topics such as self-love, forgiveness, gratitude and abundance.

 For further inquiries, contact:

Museflower Retreat & Spa Chiang Rai, 159/1 Moo 1 Ban Samanmit, Donsila Sub-District, Wiang Chai District, Chiang Rai 57210

Office: +66-(0)52-029-823, +66(0)-93-137-0414







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