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Thai Health Department Announces Six News Coronavirus Cases



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Thailand’s health Department has reported six new local cases of coronavirus, five Thais and one Singaporean, lifting the total number of cases to 59.

Of the six new cases, two work at Suvarnabhumi airport, Sophon Iamsirithavorn, director of the health department, said. One, was a 21-year-old immigration officer. He fell ill on March 8, developing a fever, a runny nose and a headache. Tests at two labs showed positive for Covid-19 infection, Dr Sophon said.

The other man, aged 40, was working in a different area of the airport. He had a fever and a cough on March 7 and sought treatment at a private hospital.

Health department said both men were in contact with foreign tourists

The third patient was a Thai man, 25, working for a private firm. He had a fever and muscle pains on Feb 25 and later sought treatment at a private hospital. A lung X-ray showed symptoms of coronavirus infection. He is also being treated at the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Disease Institute.

The fourth patient was a 27-year-old Thai woman who returned from South Korea. She sought treatment at a private hospital on March 8 for a fever and a runny nose. She was diagnosed with coronavirus infection and transferred to Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital on March 10, the Bangkok Post reports.

The fifth was a 40-year-old Thai man who returned from Japan on Feb 25. While in Japan he suffered a broken wrist in an accident. On returning to Thailand he sought treatment at a private hospital in Bangkok, which found he was infected with the coronavirus and was covered by health insurance.

The sixth patient was a Singaporean man, 36, who runs a health insurance business in Thailand. He fell ill on March 6 with a fever and muscle pains. Lab test results on March 9 showed he was positive for Covid-19. He was now being treated at the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Disease Institute.

Almost 5000 people being monitored by health department

Dr Sophon said the six new cases brought the total number of coronavirus infections in Thailand to 59. Of these, 34 patients had been treated and discharged from hospitals. Twenty-four others remained at hospitals. One has died.

From Jan 3 to March 10, a total of 4,848 patients have been monitored – 216 from screening checkpoints and 4,632 sought treatment at hospitals. Of the 4,848 patients, 2,945 had seasonal influenza, they have recovered and have also been discharged. The health department is still monitoring them, while the other 1,903 remain in hospitals.

The Health department also reported that the number of global Covid-19 cases had reached 116,657 in 115 countries, two special administration zones and one cruise ship, with 4,091 deaths, including 80,761 cases and 3,136 deaths in China.

Concerns about coronavirus are causing a lot of people to rethink their travel plans.

Until recently, travel health insurance wasn’t much help in a global health scare. But now some insurers are responding to traveler’s frustrations and loosening restrictions on travel claims.

One of the largest providers, Allianz Travel health Insurance is, until further notice, allowing claims for some coronavirus-related medical care and trip cancellation issues.

Travelers who had purchased the company’s Emergency Medical Care and Emergency Medical Transportation insurance can now receive that care if they become sick with coronavirus while on their trip.

Those with Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption insurance will be able to cancel the trip if they become ill with coronavirus before or during their trip.

An additional benefit for those with Trip Cancellation insurance; it will cover expenses for those who bought travel to mainland China; South Korea or the Lombardy or Veneto regions of Italy before coronavirus became a known event on January 22.

The coverage applies to travel that departs before April 1, 2020.

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