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Health Authorities Declared A High Alert To Check Monkeypox Suspected Cases

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Health Authorities Declared A High Alert To Check Monkeypox Suspected Cases

(CTN News) – All national and provincial health authorities have been instructed to remain on high alert for any suspected monkeypox cases, the federal government announced on Monday.

Health authorities are closely monitoring the situation, according to a Ministry of National Health Services official.

According to the official, information circulating on social media regarding confirmed cases of the disease in Pakistan is inaccurate. The National Institute of Health reports that no monkeypox cases have yet been diagnosed in Pakistan.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Sunday monkeypox is a moderate risk to global public health after cases were reported in countries not normally affected by the disease.

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A virus that establishes itself as a human pathogen and spreads to groups at higher risk of severe diseases, such as young children and immunocompromised individuals, could pose a high public health risk, the WHO warned.

As of May 26, a total of 257 confirmed cases and 120 suspected cases have been reported from 23 member states that are not endemic to the virus, according to the health agency. No deaths have been reported.

On May 23, the National Institute of Health (NIH) issued a high alert to health authorities informing them of the disease that has swept through 11 European countries and the United States.

According to the NIH’s alert issued to health authorities and professionals at all levels regarding outbreaks of monkeypox in non-endemic countries, stakeholders, especially the central health establishment, should remain vigilant.

“The situation has prompted all countries to step up surveillance and vigilance. The Center for Disease Control is monitoring the situation and will keep stakeholders updated.”

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