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Got Flu? Check Out these Remedies to Get Rid of it

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Foods and Vitamins That can Help in Recovering from Seasonal Flu

Thesis Statement: Seasonal flu or cold is one of the most common ailments that we all suffer from whenever the season changes. Therefore, today in this article we’re taking a look at some of the most effective foods and vitamins that you need to fight off the symptoms of the seasonal flu & cold.

Seasonal flu is quite common when the weather changes. People usually get it when the seasons are changing such as summers are starting or winters are coming. The thing is that our body does not get used to the weather change, and this change affects the human body.

To get a cure for this flu, you must keep your body hydrated and should have a healthy meal and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Drinking fluids in this condition helps your body to speed up the recovery process.

On the other hand, keeping yourself away from bacteria and viruses also helps in preventing flu. Therefore, you must get clean by frequently washing your hands and should avoid hand contact with your mouth so that the infection chances are reduced.

Foods You Should Use in Flu

In this article, we will be helping and guiding you about the foods and vitamins that you should have to recover from seasonal flu.

1. Add Hot Broth & Drinks to Your Routine

It is scientifically proven that having hot broth and beverages for flu helps speed up the recovery process. The reason behind this recovery is when the vapors of the hot fluids enter the nasal tract; it softens the thickened inflammatory mucus from your respiratory passage.

In hot beverages, you can have coffee, tea, green tea, etc. Hot broths help in soothing flu and relieve congestion.

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2. Add Vitamin C containing Fruits to your Meal

When you are ill, vitamin C is vital for maintaining a healthy immune system. Your body absorbs minerals like vitamin C better when you eat them instead of using food supplements.

While you are sick with the flu, try munching on vitamin C-rich fruits. Tomatoes, strawberries, and citrus fruits are examples of vitamin C-rich fruits.

3. Chicken Soup

Having a protein and iron-rich diet while being infected by flu helps in enhancing immunity against microbial in the body. As chicken is rich in proteins and iron, it energizes the body’s immunity. Chicken soup also helps in staying hydrated and maintaining the salt concentration in the body.

You can add carrots, eggs, peas, and other vegetables to your soup to enhance its nutrition.

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4. Cereals & Oatmeal:

A steaming bowl of oatmeal can be a comforting and healthful food choice when you are unwell. Oats and cereals, like other healthy grains, are a natural source of vitamin E, which helps the immune system. It also contains beta-glucan fibers and polyphenol antioxidants, which help to boost the immune system. To get the maximum advantages, choose whole oats.

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5. Include Leafy Green Vegetables in your Diet

You can find Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in leafy green veggies. As a result, consuming leafy greens may aid in the recovery of the body after a flu infection.

Make a smoothie with green leafy vegetables and fruit, or eat them raw with a splash of lemon-like salad. It is great if you eat these immune-boosting foods all the time while you are sick.

Spinach, kale, cabbage, Collard greens with Swiss chard, and broccoli are the vegetables that you should have for the flu.

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6. ACV for Sore Throat

Ever since the 1800s people have been using Apple cider vinegar with their mother to treat symptoms of a seasonal cold. Apple cider vinegar along with honey has long been taken as a home remedy for sore throat and nowadays people take ACV gummies to clear their sore throat. In fact, one of the benefits of apple cider vinegar gummies is that they also provide us with the much-needed vitamins along with ACV extracts.

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7. Garlic as a Natural Cure for Flu

Garlic is a natural cure for flu as it has antibacterial and antiviral properties in its composition. You can use it over time for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. It helps in recovering from a cold, flu, and many seasonal ailments. The use of garlic helps the immune system to boost immunity against many viral and bacterial infections like seasonal flu. Moreover, it also helps in subsiding the feelings of nausea and vomiting that usually prevents people suffering from flu from eating.

8. To Recover from After Effects, Use Spices

While recovering from the flu, you may experience greater nasal and chest irritation. Spices like pepper and mustard can help break up congestion so you can breathe easier. In the case of a throat infection, stay away from spicy foods.

Foods You Should Avoid in flu

Here are some of the foods that you should avoid in case of flu.

1. Jagged Food

You can aggravate coughs and sore throats by eating chips, crunchy crackers, and other foods with the same ingredients.

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2. Alcohol

It depreciates the immunity, and your body might get dehydrated.

3. Processed Food

The more processed a dish is, the fewer nutrients it contains, whether it is from a fast-food place or a package. Your body is attempting to cure itself while you have the flu, so it is crucial to help it along with complete, nutritious foods.

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The Way Forward

If you have a secondary illness from the flu, it could take much longer for you to heal. As a general guideline, remain hydrated and consume flu-friendly foods as much as possible until your symptoms subside and your appetite returns to normal. And for more updates and insights on natural remedies do check out Divinity Nutra – the real natural lifestyle blog.


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