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Essential Nail Care Products that all women should have at home



Essential Nail Care Products that all women should have at home

 How to make your hands beautiful and well-groomed at home?

Thousands of girls are interested in this question, since sometimes they do not have time to visit a manicure nail specialist in a beauty salon.

We have created a nail tools list and tools necessary for cutoff manicure and hand skin care at home.

Tools needed for a manicure at home

Each nail specialist has a specific set of tools that is used to:

– prepare the cuticle for cutting;

– remove the cuticle;

– eliminate rough skin on the lateral nail folds;

– correct the nail plate shape and length.

A similar set of tools can be used for a home manicure.

We recommend that you include:

– manicure spatula: use this tool to gently “separate” the cuticle from the nail plate and eliminate dirt;

– cuticle scissors: choose a tool with thin and sharp working parts. With them, the cut of the skin will be easier and more accurate;

– skin clippers: they are designed to eliminate rough skin from the lateral nail folds;

– nail file: with its help you will adjust the shape and length of the nail plate. You can choose a glass, ceramic or metal nail file. You can choose its variations, i.e. a metal base with removable files;

– nail clippers or knipser: these tools are used to cut the nail plate. They are massive, durable, and practical.

You can choose the tools needed for a manicure separately.

Or, you can buy a complete germanikure manicure set, which contains tools for home manicure.

How to choose tools for home care

Choosing the essential nail care tools, you need to consider some important details.

1 – manual sharpening

We recommend paying attention to clippers, scissors, and spatulas that were sharpened manually.

Their working parts are sharp and thin. Thus, it is easier and faster to separate the cuticle from the nail (this is done with a spatula!), cut off the periarticular skin or rough epidermis on the lateral nail folds.

When working with such tools, you should be attentive and careful, because the working parts are quite sharp.

The second is the material from which the tools are made

The best option is steel. It is resistant to moisture, corrosion, and mould.

Clippers, spatulas, and scissors made of steel (grade 30×13 or 40×13) retain colour and shape with proper care.

As for the nail files, the choice of the material from which they are made depends on your budget and the requirements for the tool.

Glass nail files are popular nowadays. They are stylish and practical, but quite fragile.

Metal, ceramic and laser files are no less of a good choice. They are suitable for correcting natural nails of various shapes, textures and lengths.

3 – convenience of working with the tools

Choose scissors with rings of medium size and working blades of 21-23 mm. This is a universal option.

This tool is comfortable for girls to work with hands of different size and length.

Nail clippers for home manicure with shaped handles are a suitable option. They do not slip in your hands while working.

Manicure spatulas with a grooved handle are more comfortable. Every movement will be more accurate with them. They also prevent slipping.

4 – technical characteristics of the tool

These include the physical parameters of the tool like mass, total length and length of the working parts. This concerns scissors and clippers.

While choosing a spatula, consider the shape of the working part. Now it is a “hatchet”, an oval pusher, and a spike.

A universal option is a double–sided spatula, which has an oval pusher at one end, and a “hatchet” at the other end. The pusher quickly separates the cuticle from the nail, and the “hatchet” eliminates dirt.

Nail files have an indicator called grit. It indicates which nail type you can work with.

For example, 100 grit nail files are designed to correct artificial nails that are strong and dense enough.

180 grit nail files are used to work with natural nails, and 240 grit tools are suitable for the nail plate polishing.

Additional equipment for at-home manicure

Tools like clippers, scissors, a nail file, and a spatula are used for a cutoff manicure.

If you want to try a combined or appliance-based manicure, then you will need a nail drill and nail drill bits for cuticles, rough skin, and nail plate treatment.

This procedure is more complicated. We recommend doing it after preliminary preparation, like studying the work of a drill machine and taking courses on combo or appliance-based manicure.

Disinfection of home manicure: details

Another important point to know is how to sanitise nail tools at home.

There is an opinion that it is not even necessary, especially if you use the tools alone.

This is wrong. After the procedure, the remnants of the skin and nail dust remain on the tool. These “elements” can rot and decompose. And so, them getting under the nail plate may provoke the development of different pathologies.

Thus, do not forget about disinfecting the tool.

You can use a concentrated solution for cold sterilisation to clean it.

It removes up to 80-90% of pathogenic microorganisms settled on the tool.

How to it works:

– pour the solution into a deep bath;

– place a tool in it;

– soak for 15-20 minutes (the exposure time is indicated on the packaging for the product);

– wash off the remains of the solution from the clippers, scissors, spatulas, nail files under a stream of cool water.

After that, you need to dry the tool and place it into a manicure set.

Methods for additional nail care

To preserve the health and beauty of the nail plate, it is recommended to include the following items into your basic nail care:

– hand and nail cream: it will eliminate dryness, peeling on the skin, and nourish the nail plate with trace elements that prevent it from peeling;

– cuticle oil: the place of cuticle growth is especially vulnerable. If it dries out, you will experience peeling and itching. In order to avoid this, apply cuticle oil once a day;

– nail wax: it is used to eliminate brittleness and peeling, and also to make nails shiny;

– tea tree oil: it is used for onycholysis (nail separation). This tool is applied under the nail. It has an antiseptic effect and promotes damaged skin healing.

You can acquire these items in a specialised store.

The importance of proper nail care at home

Good nail care can prevent the appearance of a whole array of pathologies.

For example, onycholysis, when an empty space appears between the nail and the skin, where pathogenic bacteria, moisture, and dust get into.

An unpleasant smell appears. The nail plate changes its colour and gradually peels off.

This happens for two reasons:

– when you use volumetric tools to remove dirt from under the nail like an orange stick or a spatula. It is better to steam the nails and remove dirt with a mini brush;

– if you do not take measures promptly to eliminate the pathology. Apply tea tree oil under the nail plate.

Also, proper care prevents separation of the nail plate, and microcracks where bacteria can get into.

This happens when you have carefully adjusted the length and shape of the nail plate with a nail file or removed the length with nail clippers, and then corrected the edges of the nail with a nail file.

As you can see, you can not underestimate the importance of nail care tools and equipment, as well as the rules for their use.

Thanks to those, you will perform a beautiful manicure at home, and save the health of your nail plate. It is important!



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