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Epilepsy: A Neurological Disorder

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Epilepsy is medically defined as a central nervous system disorder or a neurological disorder that causes a sudden electrical activity in the brain leading to recurrent seizures. These seizures could result in loss of awareness, unusual behavior and change in cognitive functions of the brain that could affect a person’s daily life functions. Seizures could cause spasms, twitching in the arms and legs. The World Health Organization estimates that there are around 50 million cases of epilepsy worldwide out of which 3 million are in the United States. Every year 150,000 cases are diagnosed for epilepsy in the United States. Epilepsy is mainly diagnosed in young children and older adults. People diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy or partial epilepsy can develop certain difficulties in their motor function. Such complications could lead to erection related problems that can be resolved by taking medicines like Cenforce 200 and viagra.

Medical experts estimate that a person can be diagnosed with it if two or more seizures have been experienced within a gap of 24 hours between two seizures. Epilepsy which is also termed chronic seizure disorder is the fourth most common neurological disorder in the world. Medical experts don’t know yet why a person has epilepsy but have estimated that many genetic and environmental factors play a role. It affects the whole brain and can lead to some hormonal changes that make an individual less interested in developing close relationships with his or her partner. Cenforce 200 or viagra can be taken if erection related problems do arise.

What Are The Symptoms Of Epilepsy ?

The symptoms of epilepsy can range from mild to severe depending upon the patient’s condition. Therefore, It is always advisable to get a proper diagnosis done once a person has experienced a seizure to know the exact cause. Some of the common symptoms of it are as follows.

  • Muscle spasm
  • Breathing issues
  • Stiffness in the body
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Twitching of arms and legs
  • Being in a confused state or daze
  • Loss of bladder and bowel control
  • Loss of awareness and consciousness
  • Rapid eye blinking and constant staring towards one direction

Other symptoms of epilepsy can be common with other diseases like stroke, cancer or other neurological diseases. Hence It is advisable to consult a doctor immediately to diagnose the seizures for epilepsy and take proper medication properly. Temporal lobe epilepsy may affect that part of the brain that helps in stimulating an erection, one can think of taking a medicine like Cenforce 200 if the need arises.

What Are The Causes Of Epilepsy ?

Medical experts have identified various genetic and environmental factors that may lead to epilepsy, but it is not clear yet. Medical experts have termed stroke to be a leading cause of epilepsy in adults who are above the age of 35. Sometimes anxiety and depression induced by epilepsy may cause mood swings, fatigue that might drift couples apart. Medicine like Cenforce 200 can be taken which will result in increased libido. Some of the causes of epilepsy are as follows.

  • Genetic factor: Researchers have found as many as 500 genes that influence the family’s genetic linkage of the disease. The genetic linkage can influence an individual to be more sensitive to the environment in triggering seizures. Though the risk of developing epilepsy increases only by 1 or 2% by having a family member diagnosed with it.
  • Head injury: Traumatic injury to the brain caused by an accident, attack, or any other unforeseen incident could lead to epilepsy. It is advisable to wear protective gear while driving and avoid any situation that might risk an injury.

Head injury could also result in reduced libido, making it difficult to get an erection. However, commonly available pills like Cenforce 200 can be taken to get an erection.

  • Infectious diseases: Various diseases could lead to epilepsy like meningitis, HIV, CNS tuberculosis, viral encephalitis and other neurological diseases. It is always advisable to get treatment for such diseases immediately before they progress further.
  • Brain abnormalities: Certain brain abnormalities that might occur at birth or later on in life could lead to epilepsy. Conditions like brain tumor, stroke, blunt force head trauma, vascular malformation like Arteriovenous malformations could lead to epilepsy. Certain congenital abnormalities that occur at birth can lead to epilepsy as well.
  • Development disorders: Development disorders like Autism, down syndrome and neurofibromatosis have been interlinked with developing epilepsy. It is advisable to diagnose epilepsy along with these disorders to rule it out.

Seizures can be caused by other reasons like drug or alcohol overdose, high fever associated with meningitis, or other neurological conditions. Epilepsy could also lead to problems in maintaining healthy intimate relationships. Taking Cenforce 200 can be helpful if erection related difficulty is the cause. It is advisable to get a proper diagnosis done after the first seizure occurs to know the exact cause. Let your doctor know your complete medical history during the diagnosis. If any medicine like Cenforce 200 has been taken, it should be made known to the doctor priorly.

What Is The Diagnosis For Epilepsy?

There is no permanent cure for epilepsy. However, the World Health Organization estimates that around 70% of cases of epilepsy can be seizure-free if treated properly. There are multiple tests and scans that medical experts may do to diagnose epilepsy. Electroencephalogram is the most widely used to study the brain waves to treat and figure out which type of epilepsy is present. Other scans like MRI, CT and Pet are also used to get a better image of the brain.

Blood and lumbar puncture tests are done to study if there is any infection-related cause or not.

Medical experts treat epilepsy with anti-seizure medicines. Surgery can also be done if the affected part of the brain is operable and does not pose an extreme risk. Epilepsy could also affect the central nervous system that might result in certain organ dysfunction. For example, People facing erectile difficulty can take Cenforce 200 to increase the blood flow in arteries located in the lower penile region.

NOTE: Do not take any medicines like Cenforce 200 or viagra without consulting a medical expert properly.