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Eight Signs There is the Wrong Person Next to You



8 Signs There is the Wrong Person Next to You

The worst thing is to wake up in ten years and realize that a complete stranger is next to you. It’s not about a wild party, after which you have woken up in an unfamiliar apartment but about your worries whether this is your soulmate or not. It’s quite normal to have some doubts, and it is better to find out that now than to ask yourself later, “Did I marry the wrong person?” Often, people stay in unhappy relationships only because they are afraid of loneliness or do not want to solve household problems related to divorce. However, it’s never too late to be happy, you should just make sure that you aren’t in love with the wrong person.

1. You cannot be honest with them.

Honesty in a relationship is not about morality but about your own comfort. You want to say everything as it is, and you know that you will always be understood. There is nothing more humiliating than the need to dodge in talks with the closest person due to the fear that they will condemn you.

2. You look at happy couples with envy.

Sometimes, you look at two people, and it becomes clear the meaning of the notorious comparison with the two halves. Have you ever seen these sweet couples in the corners of the cafes or in the back seat of the bus? Usually, they mutter something to each other, holding hands or argue, smiling. This scene is not a pleasant one for you. And the most disgusting thing is that you suddenly feel lonely and would like to feel the same.

3. You cannot be yourself.

Starting a relationship, you become very compliant. In a year of such relationship, you have to lean back all the time, you realize that an endless attempt to match their ideals does not bring the desired result. In any case, you remain yourself, but you are very unhappy and depressed.

4. You have to limit yourself all the time.

It is not necessary to share all the interests of each other. The main thing is that your partner should not limit your individuality. The happiest relationship is when both people do not aspire to be alike, but they give the loved one the opportunity to remain a personality. They may not understand your hobbies, but they should accept and respect them.

5. You are not satisfied with sex.

Sex, of course, is not the main thing, especially on the first two dates. As for the rest of the life together, sex should be an inexhaustible source of joy and pleasure in the dusty darkness of the everyday life and not another reason for disappointment. If you don’t feel attraction to a partner, (which you can find on a chronic sexual dissatisfaction is one of the signs you married the wrong person that will inevitably lead to cheating.

6. You feel annoyed.

They are not bad, of course, but you are annoyed just by the very fact of their existence. However, since there is no formal reason for discontent, you continue to convince yourself that it should be so. Joint life is the permanent work, but you do not need to turn it into torture. It is important to decide what kind of shortcomings you are ready to accept, and with which you will never reconcile yourself. Your carelessness, in this case, is one of the reasons why you will marry the wrong person.

7. You don’t have common interests.

It is not necessary to share all the interests of each other, but you should have at least one common. You should have a hobby, besides sex, which you can do with pleasure for both. The lack of common values and interests leads to emotional alienation.

8. Your friends hate them.

Often, people lose their mind because of love, but fortunately, it’s not contagious. You need friends not only to drink with on the weekend but sometimes, to listen to useful things. Of course, this sign can be only a complement to the rest and not the main argument.

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