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Drug Testing Kits Becoming a New Normal in the Workplace



Drug Testing Kits Becoming a New Normal in the Workplace

The benefits of drug testing kits can never be overemphasized; they are one of the significant discoveries that have helped several people who might have lost their lives to mild to severe conditions. While some have been used for curing illnesses, others have been used to manage conditions that cannot be treated with drugs since their etiology might be unclear, or they have to be managed as such.

However, the drug could be damaging to human health if not taken at the right dosage. The advent of some drugs which have the tendency that people would abuse them has made several regulatory bodies in different parts of the world devise a method for testing drug use.

It is called drug testing; it is a term that can be used to explain or as a means of detecting substances in a person’s bodily fluids. It does not only reveal that an individual has abused a controlled drug but also reveals the type of drug and the quantity in your bloodstream.

It could be an end to the abuser’s choice of using drugs irrationally. It is never a new thing when people test substances in the human body, and security personnel has used it as a means to get details from people who have been involved with vices in society.

Substance testing, or to be more specific, drug and alcohol testing, has already become a part of businesses in some countries, especially for some agencies that are supported by the government. You cannot conduct any drug testing without having to employ a test kit; a drug test kit is inevitable in the business of testing drugs in humans.

Urine drug test kits for drugs

There is a different testing method that we adopt depending on the kit that is available and how soon you need the result of your test. We have urine drug testing; it is the most common form of drug testing since it is the most affordable.

You don’t need to hire medical personnel before you would make use of a urine drug test kit. It is non-invasive and budget-friendly. A good drug test kit would be considered a suitable one once it can be used for several drugs sample. Urine test kits for drugs are useful and can be used for a wide range of drugs which are cocaine, amphetamine, Ecstasy, oxycodone, methadone, barbiturates, and other drugs that can possibly be abused.

Alcohol has been known not to be detectable in the urine and blood. However, a befitting test that allows alcohol to be detectable has been discovered, the breathalyzer tests.

We also have a drug test kit that requires that you make use of saliva as the sample for testing. Saliva drug testing has been found an excellent use, especially in cases that the need to determine how recently a person used the drug in question.

Saliva drug testing kits

The drug test kit that uses saliva is not sophisticated, and due to this, it can be handled by a non-medical practitioner. Saliva drug testing has the shortest detection window, and its use cannot be overruled since it allows one to make the right choice of selecting a saliva test kit when you want to know when recent the drug was used.

For urine testing of drugs, the average timing is 24-48 hours which means a day or two, while the saliva testing is ready for like 72 hours. One of the factors that allow some people who have abandoned drug testing might be tested kits’ inability to give a reproducible result.

One thing is sure, and you need to know that your kit is the access to get the desired result. It would be best that you go to any extent to get your drug test kit so that you would get a good and reliable result. The cost of testing would depend on your specimen; the number of substances that you are testing. An example is a two-panel instant urine test which can be pegged for as low as 5 dollars. The cost can shoot up depending on how sophisticated the test kit you are using.

Several people have asked about the best drug testing method, we might not be able to give a direct response to the seeming question of many people, but a fact holds. For most commonly abused drugs, the best drug test kit would have to be the 5-panel drug testing kit.

However, larger drug testing kits with a larger panel are used for detecting prescription-only drugs and some pain killers. Before starting a drug test, one of the things you would need to do is to check the type of drugs that your kit can detect. Any attempt to disregard such information would be to throw your money down the drain.


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