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Do Cannabis Oils Help Relieve Pain?

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(CTN News) – Cannabis-based products, which have become a £700 million industry in the UK, are not effective and do not relieve pain, The Daily Mail reported.

Over the past decade, cannabis-based products such as oils, sprays, and ointments which contain cannabidiol (CBD) have become very popular.

Cannabis contains CBD as one of its main ingredients. CBD is not allowed to make explicit health claims, but advertisements often suggest it has pain-relieving properties.

The US government-backed study found little evidence to support CBD’s benefits.

According to Marian McDonagh, author of the journal Annals Of Internal Medicine, consumers may believe there is evidence about the benefits and side effects of products due to constant advertisements.

“Most of these products lack scientifically valid research.”

Amir Englund, of King’s College London’s Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Neuroscience, says cannabis products for pain relief lack well-designed studies.

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