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Chiang Rai Health Authority Warns of Dengue Outbreak



A boy covers his nose while a worker fumigates outside a residential area in Chiang Rai



CHIANG RAI – Public Health official Surin Sumanapan has raised concerns, stating that 164 dengue patients have been found in Chaing Rai province during January and June 2016 with most being students, daily workers, and farmers.

Of all the patients, 67 have been found in Wiang Papao district while 21 others were immigrant workers, 19 of whom being Myanmar nationals and two others being Laotians.

Sumanapan said the general public are advised to cut down a breeding cycle of mosquitoes as disease carriers by cleaning up their houses, stowing away food containers and covering up water containers.

The villagers were also advised to not bring in persons with indicating symptoms such as a continuous hive fever for more than two days otherwise they would have to seek immediate medical treatments.

Mosquitoes at home could be a disease carrier of dengue as well as Zika virus and Chikungunya fever. Terminating the breeding cycle of mosquitoes is a means to prevent the spread of such diseases.


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