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Cancer; Nearly Half of Tattoo Inks Contain 50% Cancer-Causing Chemicals.

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Cancer; Nearly Half of Tattoo Inks Contain Cancer-Causing Chemicals.

(CTN News) – In a new study, nearly 50 percent of tattoo samples contained chemicals that, when consumed in large amounts, could cause cancer.

Researchers at Binghamton University presented their study at a meeting of the American Chemical Society in Chicago, Illinois, on Wednesday.

They were led by John Swierk, an assistant professor of inorganic chemistry.

Tattoo ink consists of two parts: pigment and carrier solution, according to Swierk.

A pigment is a molecular or solid compound, cancer while a carrier fluid transports the pigment through different layers of the skin.

Cancer while a carrier fluid transports the pigment through different layers of the skin.

After testing 56 popular inks, the scientist and his team discovered half of them contained a chemical not listed on the label.

According to the ACS, every time he examined one of the inks, he found something that gave him pause. “For instance, 23 out of 56 different inks we’ve examined so far contain cencer dyes containing azo compounds.”

It was explained by Swierk to The Daily Mail in an interview that azo-compounds can degenerate when exposed to bacteria or ultraviolet light.

According to the cancer chemist, more research is required when it comes to pigments and their safety, as well as how they are applied.

“We don’t know what the pigments break down into, and that’s the real concern,” he said. There’s a possibility that pigments may be safe on their own, but decompose when exposed to light.”

A sample of the ink contained ethanol, a blood thinner. Health risks are still unknown, however.

In the second part of the study, researchers examined the size of particles within 16 tattoo inks. Half of these samples contained particles smaller than 100 nanometers, which can penetrate cell membranes and cause harm.

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