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Can Sex Therapy Help Erectile Dysfunction?

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Can Sex Therapy Help Erectile Dysfunction

For many men, the go-to treatment for erectile dysfunction that pops to mind is ED medications.

ED medications are a wonderful invention that has helped the mental and sexual well-being of countless people around the world. However, it’s important to be aware of the possible side-effects, as well as to ensure that you’re treating the actual root cause of your erectile dysfunction.

Why? ED can be caused by a huge array of different cases. These days, ED has become increasingly common among younger men. Often, these problems are caused by psychological factors, such as sexual performance anxiety, rather than the medical conditions that may underlie ED in older men.

ED medications affect the body and brain in such a way that blood-flow to the penis is rapidly increased, making it easier for a man to get hard. But, if your problem is psychological, this means that ED medications may not work for you. It’s true that they make erection easier to achieve, but, if you are too distracted that you cannot become aroused then the medication will not work.

It’s important to note that physical or medical causes of erectile issues include high cholesterol, obesity, nerve damage, heart disease or poorly controlled diabetes. For this reason, any sign of erectile issues necessitates a consultation with a medical doctor, so that these possible underlying causes can be treated or ruled out.

If your ED is being caused by performance anxiety or other psychological factors, it is important to address the root of the problem. One of the best ways of doing this is through sex therapy techniques, which can help you to regain control over your erectile function without risking side effects or dependence.

How does sex therapy work?

Sex therapy is a targeted form of psychotherapy, or talk therapy. The goal of sex therapy differs from person to person, but it generally aims to treat sexual dysfunction and improve sexual health. Often sex therapy also involves discussions around romantic intimacy more generally – in addition to the physical aspects of sex.

Common issues that arise in sex therapy include: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, difficulty reaching orgasm, reduced vaginal lubrication, pain during intercourse and sexual performance anxiety.

Sex therapy can also be used to help a couple address any intimacy issues that might be affecting their sex life negatively. At times, sex therapy also involves treating sexual trauma and empowering a person to feel safe sexually. Some people seek out sex therapy for sex addiction, porn addiction or porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

Can Sex Therapy Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Should you go through therapy with your partner?

Sex therapy can be suitable for individuals or couples, depending on the sort of problem that the person/people need help with. Even with sexual dysfunctions that occur in one person and not the other, however, attending sex therapy as a couple can go a long way toward strengthening the bond between you. It is always advised that clients attend as a couple if they are comfortable doing to maximize the chances of success.

Is sex therapy and sex coaching the same?

Sex therapy is different from sex coaching, which may involve physical contact and sexual intimacy in the room. In sex therapy, you will not ever have direct sexual context with your therapist. In order to practice sex therapy, a practitioner needs to be a licensed mental health professional with specialized training in sex therapy. Ideally, they should also be registered with a sex therapists organization such as the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors and Therapists (AASECT) in order to ensure their competence.

Can Sex Therapy Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Are there sex therapy techniques you can do on your own?

Yes, while in person therapy is a great option, some men don’t feel comfortable enough to see a therapist in person. Luckily, recent research has shown that sex therapy techniques can be practiced on your own.

For example, this 2018 study has shown that mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy can be very effective in treating situational erectile dysfunction.

Another 2011 study, found that guided Internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy for erectile dysfunction.

Some cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by relationship issues; if this is the case for you, you’ll be happy to hear about the results of this study that found that online relationship counseling can be effective.

To sum things up

Erectile dysfunction is not an easy problem to deal with. In many cases, it is caused by psychological factors. If this is the case, then sex therapy techniques such as talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and relationship counseling can help you overcome erectile dysfunction.

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