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Bangkok’s Deputy Governor Warns Public of 2000 Baht Fine for Smoking at Markets



Fine of 200Baht for Smoking in Markets

Maximum fine of 2000 Baht for Smoking in Markets


BANGKOK –  Bangkok’s Deputy Governor Pussadee Tamta stated Wednesday that The Metropolitan Administration in Bangkok City has warned smokers not to smoke in markets or to face a maximum fine of  Bt2,000.

In Bangkok, there are approximately 338 markets where smoking is prohibited. She said the markets that failed to follow the anti-smoking laws are entitled to a fine of not more than Bt20,000.

She was speaking at an opening ceremony of a campaign for the markets to be free of smoking.

Thailand’s Health Office had distributed pamphlets, stickers and banners to the markets through district offices in Bangkok. However a survey earlier this year showed that only 20.32 per cent of respondents saw them. Meanwhile 73.36 per cent witnessed smoking in the markets.

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