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Asian Women Smokers Still Believe Smoking Myth for Staying Slim



Asian women still believe the myth that smoking can really help them to stay slim


KUALA LUMPUR – Many smokers, especially among working women, still believe the myth that smoking can really help them to stay slim, according to the Malaysian Council for Tobacco Control (MCTC) deputy president Dr Mymoon Alias.

 She said it was also learnt that smoking, for most of the women, had become a popular lifestyle and a skill that they must have to attract public attention.
“They are probably unaware or didn’t mind that smoking habit can actually affect their appearances and skin, and cause their lips to turn black,” she said when met at the World No Tobacco Day 2013 celebration in Kuala Lumpur, Friday.
Hence, Dr Mymoon called on all women smokers to stop the smoking habit for the sake of their health and the health of their friends and families because the third-hand smokers would face as much risk as active smokers to suffer from cancer, heart problems or stroke.
“In each cigarette, there are 7,000 kinds of poisons. The smokes from the cigarette also contained the poisons. So, if the smoker is puffing around his family or children, the poisons will get to them too,” she said.
Meanwhile, MCTC treasurer Muhammad Sha’ani Abdullah called on the government to expedite the tabling of tobacco control bill at the Parliament.
He said this was because the existing laws were deemed ineffective in controlling tobacco production and reducing smoking habits among the people in the country.
“If the government cannot do anything about it, we can draft our own tobacco controll bill and invite any member of Parliament to table it at the Dewan Rakyat using the private member’s bill method,” he added. (BERNAMA)
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