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Alternative Medicine Practitioner Says Thai Herbs Can Boost Immunity



Alternative Medicine

A Alternative Medicine practitioner has suggested members of the public boost their immunity by eating all Five Food Groups. Furthermore regularly exercising, getting enough rest, and eating three groups of recommended herbs.

Dr. Marut jirasetasiri, said today that during the Covid-19 outbreak, it is important that everyone exercises on a daily basis. And above all eat all five food groups and has 6-8 hours rest everyday.

However, Dr. Marut also suggested three groups of herbs that contain essentials that can help strengthen the immune system. First, in the immunity boosting group are; Vap ca, mushrooms, Terminalia bellirica, Termimalia chebula, and Indian gooseberry.

The second group contains high vitamin C and antioxidants including; Thai copper pod, star gooseberry, Baegu leaves, Neem, bitter gourd, gac fruit, kale, Moringa, and Indian gooseberry.

The third group contains unique essentials that may help prevent Covid-19 contraction. This group ranges through Onions, Thai shallots, Basil, Apple, Mulberry leaves and other citrus fruit.

Dr. Marut said these herbs are often in recipes for Thai food. Their use can vary from snacks, soups, and main dishes such as savoury leaf wraps and Tomyum. He said you should also talk to alternative medicine practitioner for further options.

The herbs can also be mixed into juice and can be adapted for use in other menus. They will help protect you from being infected. In cases of already being infected, it may help treat the symptoms so that they’re less severe.

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