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7 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Steroids Canada

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Ever wondered why steroids were invented in the first place or how they work naturally? What steroids are even supposed to do? Why do people buy steroids in Canada? What other substances can affect the effects of the steroid? Here are 7 answers you probably need to know.

1. What are steroids?

The absolute basics first. Here’s how the whole thing works:

Naturally, steroids UK are produced in the glands found in the testes (for males) and ovaries (for females). Male sex hormones, Androgens, and Female ones, Estrogens, control sexual development in men and women.

The body produces steroids naturally to combat stress or promote muscle growth and development. The complete list of steroidal functions would include:

  • Body development (from bones structure to muscle and fat percentage);
  • Sex drive and libido control;
  • Fat storage type;
  • Voice characteristics;
  • Hair growth.

The most common NATURAL steroid hormone is Cortisol, but when people buy steroids in Canada, Cortisol is never on the list. And there are reasons for it. Not all natural steroids are 100% good for you.

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2. What is Cortisol, and Why is it Not a Popular Steroid?

Cortisol plays many roles, but its primary function is simple: it’s necessary to perform an urgent stress reaction in the body. Your body naturally releases Cortisol as a response to any kind of stress, be it physical damage (inflammation) or mental (stress as it is).

So what, why can’t buy steroids in Canada for healing? Because some side effects of Cortisol are:

  • Muscle tissue breakdown (aka catabolic processes);
  • Sleep issues;
  • Headaches and fatigue.

That’s where we get to the point where science needs to intervene a little and give you an ability to buy steroids Canada that will give you the benefits, but not the side effects. And science gives us the most popular type of steroids that are not associated with bodybuilding: corticosteroids.

3. What Are Corticosteroids

This class of anti-inflammatory drugs can come in cream/ointment form, pills, nasal sprays, or local injections. All corticosteroids have very important uses and treat several skin conditions like contact dermatitis, allergies, and asthma. It greatly helps with joints and muscle injuries too. Some people that buy steroids in Canada are not looking to get massive – they just want healing. Not all of them, though.

4. Why Athletes Buy Steroids Canada?

Anabolic steroids – namely, synthetic and modified versions of Testosterone – were initially used to promote muscle mass growth. At some point, it was discovered that they also could enhance the performance of athletes.

From soccer, basketball, and the Olympics, to MMA and Weightlifting championships — steroids, called «doping» in the big sport, are extremely common. More common than WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) would ever accept.

5. What are The Most Common Steroids for Athletes?

If you ever tried to buy steroids in Canada, you know that there’s an overwhelming variety of compounds on the market. Like, literal THOUSANDS of different substances.

The truth is, REAL classic anabolic steroids are pretty limited. We won’t try to list them all, but here are some of the most popular options:

  • Trenbolone – a powerful bulker for muscle gains;
  • Anavar – an oral «polishing» compound;
  • Winstrol – almost the same as Anavar in actions, but cheaper, and with a bit more side effects;
  • Deca Durabolin – a potent steroid for strength and mass gains;
  • NPP, aka Durabolin – same as Deca Durabolin, but faster;
  • Testosterone in Cypionate, Propionate, and Enanthate esters – the most basic option of all, with different half-life due to different ester tails.

Of course, the gear world also has Dianabol, Equipoise, Nandrolone, Superdrol, Primobolan, and a dozen of other substances. Still, it would be crazy to list them all in just one article.

All of them are used in bodybuilding to either boost endurance and strength or enhance muscle mass.

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6. What are The Most Common Steroids Side Effects

Of course, it was never a free ride. Anabolic steroids intervene in your body’s hormonal system, and it can’t go easy for it. Big doses and prolonged cycles are known to cause severe side effects, such as erectile dysfunction and mental health damage, but even mild doses of some steroids can give you uncomfortable sides.

On the list of probably the most popular ones you’ll find:

  • A temporary decrease in sex drive – mostly known as Deca Dick or tren Dick, simply because these two compounds cost it more than all others;
  • Aggression or depression bursts – because of the effect of the direct steroids on CNS (Central Nervous System);
  • Joint pain – because of steroids’ effects on Synovial liquid;
  • Elevated BP (Blood Pressure) – because anabolic steroids promote the RBC (red blood cell) production;
  • Headaches, nose bleeds, red face – because of the elevated BP;
  • Acne – because of the effects of the steroid on skin health, sometimes adverse;
  • Puffiness, water retention, or oedema – especially from so-called «wet» compounds.

It sounds terrible, but there are means to counter MOST of the side effects. The only option that will let you get almost a guaranteed free ride is Anavar, aka Oxandrolone, but it doesn’t give you a lot of muscle mass (it’s used for body recomposition, getting a leaner look, and better details). Also, it costs significantly more than other options that people look for when they buy steroids in Canada.

7. Are Steroids Worth The Risk?

If we speak about medical steroids, approved by the FDA and Health Canada, the answer is definitely yes. You can buy steroids in Canada with a prescription and go through full-scale hormonal therapy under medical supervision.

With anabolic steroids and athletes that buy steroids in Canada, there’s probably no clear answer. Every athlete has to decide whether they’re ready to take the risk in return for insane gains or not. For some – the risks are calculated. For some – the blind diving into the world of gear with zero knowledge ends up badly. In the end, it’s always up to you.


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