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6 Tips Every Nursing Student Should Keep In Mind



Nursing Student

Whether you are a freshman or a prospective nursing student, you are most likely aware of the challenge ahead of you. Studying to become a nurse is not for fainthearted individuals. It is like an uphill battle you need to counter head-on.

Like any other educational path, nursing brings numerous academic and practical challenges your way. While struggling to prepare for assessments, maintaining good grades, memorizing medical jargon, and managing clinical experience, stress is likely to barge inside your life. It may take a toll on your well-being if you don’t manage it properly.

To counter the stressors and avoid mental breakdowns, nursing students need to learn to utilize their time effectively. Otherwise, the long-held aspiration of becoming a good nurse will become a castle in the air.

If you are on a hunt for some helpful tips that may save you from such a scenario, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find what you have been looking for.

Choose the right study program

Whether you are on your way to becoming a nurse or planning to upskill your nursing practice, choosing the right program is your first step towards success. Successful student life is all about thoughtful planning and practical learning. If you want to further your education alongside gaining valuable experience, opt for online learning.

Online education saves students from campus-based challenges and provides an easy route to achieving career goals. This is especially helpful if you are a practicing nurse trying to upskill. For example, if studying to qualify for management or leadership roles, you can opt for an online RN to MSN program and earn the required credits with much less effort and time. Moreover, such online programs also help you save more while acquiring quality education and specialized knowledge.

Study a little every day

You can’t expect everything you memorize to remain in your long-term memory. In other words, everything you try to learn the night before a test is bound to fade away sooner or later if it stays in your short-term memory. Thus, study a little every day to keep the information you learn to last longer in your brain. Cramming will only overload your memory with tons of new information, and you are likely to forget things you’ve previously learned.

Also, identify your learning style and study accordingly. Determine whether you learn best by writing down everything, reading aloud, listening, or seeing. Using a combination of more than one of these methods may help you learn better, though.

Take small breaks

Busy students often forget to take a break in all the hustle of preparing for assessments and keeping up with deadlines. If you also think studying round the clock will help you accomplish more, you’re mistaken. This way, you only make yourself vulnerable to academic burnout.

Instead of burning yourself out like this, you should consider taking small breaks to soothe your frazzled nerves occasionally. Whenever you feel like your routine begins to tax your well-being, stop right there and unwind from the chaos. You can go for a walk, read a book, call a friend, take a trip to your favorite place, tune in to Netflix, etc.

Study in groups

Finding and staying with a few people you get along well with can help make your way through nursing school. Your peers can help you understand important concepts you fail to grasp or vice versa. Practice learning techniques together, take quizzes, and bounce ideas off that seem incomprehensible.

Moreover, a group of supportive friends can encourage you and provide a space to vent. A study shows that constructive student-student interaction is a neglected variable that may influence student success more than the teacher-student interaction.

Incorporate effective learning strategies

An important step to ensure success in nursing school is incorporating a few habits that may benefit you more than you can imagine. Following are a few examples:

  • Create a study schedule that aligns well with your learning style. Determine whether you are an early bird or a night owl and plan accordingly. Also, consider the time for study when you can block out all distractions like personal, professional, and other academic tasks.
  • Set rewards for yourself. You might overlook this factor in the tight schedule, but setting rewards for your small goals help reinforce your study habits.
  • Use natural aids like lavender peppermint oils to sustain your attention while studying.
  • Try studying in different locations for improved memory retention.

Prioritize self-care

Incorporate a self-care routine into your laborious schedule. Looking after oneself probably comes last on the to-do list of a nurse. However, these bad habits can ruin your nursing school experience. They can also follow you into your professional life, making you vulnerable to burnout and compromising the quality of care you deliver. To make the most out of your nursing education, you should prioritize a healthy lifestyle alongside your strenuous schedule.

The least you can do to avoid jeopardizing your health is eat healthy meals to get enough nutrition and energy. Try staying hydrated, limiting your caffeine intake, and exercising daily. Also, getting good sleep helps your brain relax and perform better when you’re awake.


The key to success in a nursing school is not studying round the clock but striking the right balance between books, experience, and life. Nursing students already have a lot on their plates, and following ineffective habits can add more stress. There are a few tips that can help the nursing students of every niche steer past the hurdles of nursing school and achieve their career pursuits. Take a break to unwind from the taxing academic life and practice self-care to ward off stress symptoms. Moreover, choose the correct study programs, and study a little every day to make the most of your academic life.


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