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Earthquake A Total Of 1,000 People Have Been Killed And 1,500 Injured in The Afghan Earthquake

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(CTN News) –  Earthquake According to a Taliban official, at least 1,000 people have died and 1,500 have been injured in eastern Afghanistan as a result of a powerful earthquake. In Pakistan province, pictures showed mud houses destroyed by landslides and Taliban appealed for international assistance.

After the Western-backed government collapsed last year, Taliban gained power after a devastating earthquake devastated Afghanistan.

It is the deadliest earthquake to strike the country in two decades. According to the BBC, Taliban officials asked the UN to “support them in assessing the needs and responding to the affected”.

In a statement, Nigel Casey, the UK’s special representative for Afghanistan, said the UK was in touch with the UN and was ready to contribute to the international response. It is very common in Afghanistan to experience earthquake damage, due to the instable or poorly constructed dwellings in many rural areas.

Due to malfunctioning phones, many people are unaware of the well-being of their relatives. It took me many hours to learn that my brother and his family died. Many villages have been destroyed.”


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