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10 Worst Foods That You Must Avoid For Good Stomach Health



10 Worst Foods That You Must Avoid For Good Stomach Health

Gastritis, ulcers, and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract often begin with poor nutrition. Our health is directly related to what we eat – and this is especially true for the health of our stomach. We have collected the most dangerous foods that can destroy the health of even a very strong and stable stomach. Try to eat them less often, or even skip them altogether.

Foods That Destroy Your Stomach Health

There are many foods that we consider to be healthy but are secretly damaging our stomach health. Here is the list of foods that most common culprits of stomach diseases.

Foods Containing Artificial Sweeteners

If the packaging of a product or drink says “sugar-free,” this does not mean that this product is healthier than others. Most likely, the situation is quite the opposite. Sweets and treats that contain an ingredient called sorbitol, sugar alcohol, are dangerous for the stomach.

Our body digests them slowly, which can lead to diarrhea, increased gas production, and bloating. According to doctors, it is better to eat a teaspoon of sugar than a sweet with sorbitol or a similar substitute.

Alcoholic Drinks

Some people believe that it is safe to drink alcohol up to a certain limit. But in reality, it is not the case. No matter how much alcohol you consume today or tomorrow, you will have to face the negative consequences. Regular consumption of alcoholic drinks leads to poor functioning of the stomach, reduces its ability to destroy harmful bacteria, and diminishes stomach acid production.

Thus, we suggest that you should eliminate alcoholic drinks from your diet. If you are unable to do it alone, take help from experts. It does not matter whether you live in California or Texas; you can get help from a nearby rehab center. Besides, there are several types of addiction treatment available in California; give it a Google search and see for yourself. Choose the best option and start a new journey of your life.

Carbonated Drinks

When people talk about the dangers of carbonated drinks, first of all, they remember the high sugar content. Most of them are literally oversaturated with sweet, and even one glass can cause a real insulin peak.

But carbonated sugary drinks are also bad for the stomach and intestinal health. The carbon dioxide in them can irritate the mucous membrane, which can lead to gastrointestinal upset with belching and reflux. Besides, the acid in them can harm the stomach lining, causing acid reflux and heartburn.

Fruit Juices

Some people believe that fruit juices are beneficial to their health, which is true to some extent. However, these juices, even freshly squeezed ones, are not a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks. They are very high in sugar and completely lacking in fiber, which not only helps control the rate at which sugar gets absorbed into the bloodstream but is essential for gut health. Thus, eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of juices – they are much healthier.


If you have a tendency to have heartburn, you should avoid coffee altogether, as it is one of the triggers of acid reflux. But even if your digestion is in order, refrain from drinking sugary coffee drinks. The reason is that they are oversaturated with sugar, and in calorie content, they can compete with a fatty cake. Besides, experts believe that caffeine drinks irritate the stomach and worsen the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. 

Red Meat

Alas, the more red meat we eat, the higher our risk of colon cancer. Doctors recommend eating red meat no more than twice a week and be sure to balance it with a serving of vegetables. You should also avoid processed meat which is difficult to digest for some people as it is high in saturated fats and calories. Such meat products are difficult to break down and thus stay in the intestines for a longer period.

Deep-Fried Dishes

The harder a food is fried – potatoes, chicken, or even fish – the more effort the body has to make to digest it. If done regularly, gastrointestinal upset and acid reflux may develop as a result. Similar to processed meat, fried foods also take longer to break down and are hard to digest. Also, they have high-fat content, which leads to obesity.

Low Fat Products

Less fat is better? This is just a myth. If we don’t get enough healthy fats — from dairy products, healthy meats, and fish, as well as nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils -the more likely we are to get them from artificial foods. These foods are oversaturated with sugar, unhealthy fats, chemicals, and artificial preservatives, which are harmful to your stomach. 

Beans And Nuts

No, no, this is not about giving them up completely and forever. Remember that nuts are necessary for the health of our hearts. And beans are a source of valuable fiber, which is needed for the functioning of the intestines.

But excessive consumption of these foods leads to excess gas production, which can negatively affect the health of the gastrointestinal tract. So – observe the measure and eat them in a moderate amount.


Apple is another very useful product, which is surely healthy for our body. But there are some measures we should follow to avoid any sort of inconvenience. Firstly, eat apples strictly after meals, in no case on an empty stomach: the acid, which is abundant in these fruits, can corrode the mucous membrane. And, secondly, fructose, which is also rich in apples, contributes to bloating, which is not a pleasant sensation.

Summing Up Stomach Health

The list above contains many food items that are good for our health, but if we over-eat them, they can upset our stomach. Thus, avoid overeating to ensure a fully functional stomach. Besides, stay away from alcohol, fried foods, and carbonated drinks, as they are not worth the hype and will only do harm to your body.

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