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What Makes Texas BBQ So Unique?



What Makes Texas BBQ So Unique?

The mouth-watering Texas bbq is a favorite of everyone. So, what is the reason behind the uniqueness of Authentic Texas Barbecue? Read the article from Truboy BBQ.

The popularity of Texas BBQ has spread across continents. The skill, artistry, and precision that go behind preparing the perfect brisket, ribs, or sausage are immense.

It is nothing short of experiencing a Michelin star chef at work. The job of cooking good BBQ might not look that graceful, however, there is a reason why BBQ experts are referred to as ‘pitmasters’.

There is absolutely no fluff associated with making great Texas-style BBQ. It takes experience, patience, and expertise to dish out consistently great-tasting BBQ and the results are right in front of you.

Texas BBQ deserves every bit of the humongous fame it has gained over the years.

However, this fame has also come in due to seasoned pitmasters making an effort to share their BBQ secrets with the world.

There is something about slow cooking huge chunks of meat, that makes viewers on social media go ballistic.

But it showcased real Texas BBQ. Is Texas BBQ all about the low and slow cook? What makes Texas BBQ truly unique?

And can we even associate the word unique with what is popular Texas-style BBQ?

These are a few burning questions we will be dealing with in this article

Let’s Get started

What is Real Texas BBQ?

Let’s grab the BBQ by the Brisket, shall we, and start with the most difficult question.

There is no one such thing that can be labeled as real Texas BBQ


In Fact the term BBQ actually means to have a party or a gathering.

Barbecuing on the other hand is what we are talking about. Now that we are done with our semantic lesson, let’s get down to history.

The History of Barbecuing

Barbecuing as we know it today is not native to American culture.

The entire process of smoking meat and cooking it low and slow is something that we adopted from early German and Czech settlers right here in Austin and San Antonio.

Meat and sausage are a huge part of European culture and smoked meat could be stored for very long.

This made it good for business. The native Americans simply loved the smoky flavor and took a strong liking to smoked or barbecued meat.

A key piece of information is that smoked meat was sold simply as meat and not as the delicacy we know today.

‘Meat Market’ is where Central Texas BBQ comes from. This originated from butcher shops and is also responsible for the popularity of sausage.

This is not the only kind of barbecue you get in Texas. The entire process of slow-cooked meat over an indirect flame for 12 to 15 hours is only one of the 4 styles of barbecuing practiced in Texas.

What are the 4 Styles of Texas BBQ?

Central, East, South, and West Texas barbecue are the 4 styles we are referring to here.

Locals argue that East Texas, Meat Market, Cowboy, and Mexican barbacoa are the 4 original styles of barbecue originating from different immigrant populations.

While this is true but we are past the history lesson and more interested in the culinary details and differences now

Central Texas BBQ is the popular style of barbecuing that we mentioned before.

Large chunks of meat (mainly beef) are cooked over indirect heat for anywhere between 12 to 15 hours inside a smoker.

Authentically a simple dry rub is used which consists mainly of salt and pepper.

The smoky flavor of the meat is always the key highlight when it comes to Central Texas BBQ.

Certain pitmasters do tend to do a bit more with their signature rubs and the results are delicious. Typically the meat is smoked over oak, mesquite, or pecan wood.

East Texas BBQ follows the same procedure as Central Texas barbecuing with a few differences.

The wood used is almost always hickory. A marinade is mostly used instead of the dry rub, which is generally a tomato-based sauce.

South Texas Barbecue is generally associated with Mexican barbacoa. It generally uses a molasses-based barbecue sauce.

Traditionally barbacoa was prepared by cooking meat in a hole in the ground. In modern times the process of cooking is done in a smoker.

West Texas Barbecue involves the process of grilling rather than smoking. This means that meat is cooked over an open flame.

The wood of choice in this case is almost always mesquite as it is abundantly found in Western Texas.

So, we can observe that there is no single particular style of barbecuing that can be referred to as authentic Texas-style BBQ.

The term authentic Texas Barbecuing has become blurry even about specific styles due to the amalgamation of styles by pitmasters.

More than a recipe, pitmasters rely on instinct to cook amazing soft meat that falls off the bone every time.

This also leads to improvising and adopting different styles of Texas barbecuing.

What Makes Texas BBQ Unique?

The cook and the culture surrounding the cook make Texas BBQ unique.

Regardless of which style of barbecuing you might choose, certain things just scream out Texas BBQ. Here are 4 such aspects.

1. The Tradition of communal cooking

The association of a gathering and the concept of sharing is inexplicably linked with barbecue culture.

That is what turns a barbecue into a BBQ. Traditionally, huge trenches were dug in the middle of towns, and livestock provided by the townsfolk was used for barbecuing.

The marinade in these situations was put on the meat using mops.

In modern times, the entire concept of a BBQ is something people share with family and friends.

2. Brisket is Boss

This specific protein separates Texas-style BBQ from Kansas city BBQ or any other kind of BBQ.

A big ole brisket cooked low and slow for hours to a point where the meat becomes juicy, tender and THE BEST THING EVER is what Texas-style BBQ is all about.

3. Wait for it

The saying all good things take time takes on a new meaning when it comes to Texas BBQ.

The best BBQ joints generally feature huge queues. People wait for hours and sometimes even sell their spot in the queue.

The tradition of making people who are waiting in the queue taste samples is part of the pitmaster’s etiquette.

It is also something that makes the waiting worth the effort.

4. Not Just About Smoked Meat

BBQ joints highlight side dishes that have become synonymous with eating BBQ. Here goes

White Bread

Potato Salad

Sliced Onions





These work as the perfect sidekick to your smoked superstar.

Our Unique BBQ Delivery System

The most unique aspect of our perfectly cooked Texas-style BBQ is that you get to enjoy it from the luxury of your own home.

That’s right, our one-of-a-kind BBQ delivery system takes barbecue that is cooked right off the fire, chill it, vacuum seal it, and deliver it anywhere in the country and also in Canada.

Our specific cook, chill, vacuum seal process helps keep the freshness intact along with the smoky flavor.

So if you’re craving Texas-style BBQ, outside Texas, we can get it delivered to you.

Did we mention that all orders above $200 come with free shipping nationwide? So what are you waiting for? Visit our website and order today.

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