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The Baking Season: 7 Baked Goodies That Would Complete Your Autumn



The Baking Season: 7 Baked Goodies That Would Complete Your Thailand Autumn

Pastry and baked goodies are treats that people of different generations simply can’t resist especially during baking season. We all share fondness towards the baker’s confectionery. A manifestation of this statement is the pastry shops located in every corner of the city. Moreover, baked goodies are a good source of energy.

A morning coffee doesn’t feel right if bread and butter isn’t present on the tabletop. Now that Autumn is hitting our calendars; it’s time to preheat the oven and get hold of the spatula and mixer. If you wish to follow this discussion on pastry, take a look at the seven reasons why Autumn is the best time for baked goodies.

1. Halloween Pumpkin Cake During Baking Season

Autumn is often associated with cookies and pie along with trick or treat. A Halloween pumpkin cake is a delicacy exclusive for this season. All it takes is a pumpkin puree and a typical cake mixture of eggs, sugar, baking soda, cinnamon, corn oil, and baking powder.

Since this is the time to harvest the pumpkins in the backyard, you should take this opportunity to make the pumpkin puree by yourself. You’ll get paid for your sincere efforts after discharging your cake pan from the oven. Halloween pumpkin cake is a treat you can share with your family and neighbors as well.

2. Country Apple Cake is a Must in Autumn

Apple is an autumn fruit, so it is one primary ingredient in most of the pastry recipes for this particular season. The country apple cake would allow you to taste a familiar flavor of the countryside.

Like the pumpkin cake, you will need to prepare a regular cake base and add slices of unpeeled apple to the mixture. This is relatively easy and cheap—best enjoyed when shared in family gatherings.

3. Autumn Apple Pie

Apple pie is quite famous in Autumn because, as already mentioned, apples are ready to harvest in this season. Perhaps this pie is in high-demand when the family visits the grandparents’ residence. For classic baking of this goody, Mcintosh apples are recommended. There is a wide selection of apples if you desire a particular level of sweetness for your pie.

Baking the apple pie wouldn’t cause you a messy kitchen space since it’s not a pie but a piece of cake to pastry makers. There is no prescribed mixture for this recipe because innovations

were already exercised in countless households worldwide.

4. Baking Pumpkin Yeast Bread

Active dry yeast is a substantive contributor to this delicacy. Indeed, yeast in the most important ingredient in this type of holiday treat. The yeast doubles the dough in 50 minutes. Since this one is formed in a loaf, you can compose sandwich combinations according to your liking.

In this pastry recipe, the maple syrup substitutes water in the mixture, which is why stiff dough is already expected. This holiday bread loaf could last until a week since it bakes if it’s stored tightly in the bread box.

5. Maple Cake

Maple trees are intimately linked to the autumn season, and maple cake is like a celebratory icon for occasions at this time of the year. Maple cakes are usually prepared during family gatherings like birthdays. This cake is usually arranged in layers giving off an accent on the significance of the merrymaking.

This one engages an enduring beating work, from the mixture of eggs, maple syrup, butter, and sugar to the icing topping. A heavy-duty electric mixer could significantly help if you don’t want to develop firm arm muscles after the kitchen job.

6. Oatmeal Dinner Rolls

Apparently, this one is a low-calorie treat, so if you’re a bit conscious of your weight, forget the diet and try to prepare this one at your home. It is served in a fluffy texture, so it feels light in the tongue. The starring ingredients in oatmeal dinner rolls are quick-cooking oats and dry yeast. Though this sounds like a breakfast recipe, it is also excellent in all types of meals!

7. Sourdough Doughnuts

Sourdough donuts are not like any other ordinary donut because its batter mixture is added with sour cream, making it very tasty. Especially that the autumn season is when our sweet tooth is overindulged, a switch to different tang is suitable for the overfed palate.

For a rapid fermentation, it is better to add leavening such as the dry yeast. It could multiply the volume of the dough four times than its original size. It is indeed a magic microbe you never know you need. Once it’s combined with water and sugar, it will start demolishing the starch and allow the mixture to expand aggressively.


Autumn is the most anticipated season of pastry devotees. It’s time to follow some home baking ideas and get those aprons ready to embrace the forthcoming holiday when the tree leaves start to shift colors. The breeze is gradually getting cold, and hot coffee with a great starchy snack is an excellent way to cope with the humidity.


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