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Nine Foods that Speed up your Metabolism

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Nine Foods that Speed up your Metabolism

It is no secret that most often those who have a good metabolism do not suffer from excess weight. After all, thanks to a fast metabolism, the body turns food into energy. But what if you are the unlucky one and you realize that it’s time to speed up your metabolism?

At our pace of life, this task seems quite difficult. And to speed up your metabolism, it’s worth replacing unhealthy foods with healthy nutrients.  In our article, you’ll read some tips on how to speed up your metabolism, as well as a list of important foods that can help get your metabolism going if you consume them regularly.

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Tips to speed up your body’s metabolism

  1. Do not skip meals, as this slows down your metabolism and contributes to the deposition of extra pounds “in reserve”. Make sure you eat breakfast.
  2. Give up sweets as much as possible; give preference to fibre, such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, seeds, nuts, and so on. So, if you’re watching a movie or enjoying virtual casino games in Hellspin Casino, make healthy whole-grain snacks.
  3. Go in for sports. Even light exercise can increase your cardio activity and kick-start your metabolism.


One of the best ways to get your metabolism working at an accelerated rate in the morning is with hot coffee. Just one cup of coffee speeds up your metabolism by 3-4%. For the best metabolic acceleration results, drink freshly brewed natural coffee.

Green Tea

Due to its unique property of accelerating the process of burning complex fats, green tea is included in almost all known diets. Green tea, drunk in the morning – will make the body promptly run the metabolism in an increased mode. This drink reduces appetite and improves digestion.

Whole Grain Products

Whole-grain products retain all the natural trace elements and vitamins. To start your day right, eat oatmeal for breakfast. It keeps your blood sugar levels balanced longer than many other foods.


British scientists observed aboriginal tribes, some of whom regularly ate fish, while others didn’t know they could eat it at all. The levels of leptin in the blood of the former were five times lower.

It is this hormone that is responsible for the metabolic rate. So, you must eat fish if you want to lower your leptin levels and not have obesity problems.

Red beans

Red beans have what’s called resistant starch, which is virtually indigestible but fights pathogenic flora and cleanses the gut. Because of their high fibre content, red beans keep you full for a long time.

There are also zinc and B vitamins in beans, which have an indirect influence on the increase of testosterone in the blood. And this hormone is very necessary for the formation of muscle tissue, including in women.


Sauerkraut strengthens the immune system, because after fermentation lactic acid is released, which neutralizes harmful bacteria in the intestines. This product is the best natural remedy to speed up the metabolism.

Spices: ginger, chicory, and cinnamon

To diversify your menu, do not be afraid to use spices, because they will not only help make the dish tasty but also can speed up your metabolism.


Spinach is used to speed up our metabolism. Its juice contains a lot of manganese, a substance that is vital for normal metabolism in the human body. It is also needed for blood, bone composition, quality brain function, thyroid gland, nerve endings, sexual activity and production of happiness hormones.


Apples stimulate the metabolism in the body. They are essential for good health. To speed up your metabolism, try to eat a few apples daily. In this case, it is desirable not to peel them, because they contain a lot of vitamins and useful substances.



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