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Miracle Alien Cookies

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Miracle Alien Cookies

Miracle alien cookies have the perfect structure and reliability. Growing either in a closet or outdoors will show perfect results. Huge and hard as a rock piles up all over its surface, and the main stake from the very top just gets thicker before your eyes and reaches a height that you can only reach from a ladder. It tolerates frost very well, so it has no problems reaching maturity.

Features of the strain

Compared to our usual Sativa strain, Miracle alien cookies are sturdier and more branched. But the dark emerald green color and exotic appearance with its elongated leaves and mysterious colas give away the fact that this heavyweight is a Sativa. Miracle alien cookies are actively and fruitfully developed in the open ground and perfectly adapted to the conditions of grow boxes, greenhouses, and greenhouses indoors.

The scent of the plants on the flower was very concentrated, reminiscent of the oil extract of a mixture of tropical fruits. The parental specimens showed no vulnerability to insect parasites or fungal diseases and tolerated the heat quite well. We recommend that you tie off all the branches about halfway through flowering, so that they don’t break off in the first place, and so that they put on even more weight.

If you have the chance, then before harvesting look through a magnifying glass or microscope at the flower itself. There you will see a unique blue resin that swells up like an inflatable balloon. In general, this is a very exciting, easy-to-grow, and perfect coming-out plant.

Hemp Seeds for the Outdoors

In an open field, the strain will reach full maturity at the end of September and will yield 1.2 kg per plant. The Miracle alien cookies produce massive lime green buds with many pistils of the same color and fewer orange ones. The marijuana buds look as if they are composed of sugar, not just crumbled in sugar like other varieties.

Medical Uses

This hybrid, like yin and yang, combines the best of Indica and Sativa. Psychological problems like panic attacks, anxiety, bipolar, and depressive-maniacal disorder cannot always be cured, but they can definitely be treated with LSD cannabis.

The strain is also effective against headaches, and post-operative pain. It lowers blood pressure, helps you tolerate heat more easily, eliminates nausea, and helps you sleep. The relaxing properties of LSD eliminate muscle spasms, cramps, and hypertonicity. Significantly improves the condition of those suffering from Alzheimer’s syndrome, and multiple sclerosis.


The Miracle alien cookie strain is much loved by rastaman around the world for its wild energy. It gives mood, chases away moping and fatigue, and stimulates you to think without frames. You can consume it even in the morning, having previously set yourself tasks to accomplish. Many users use this herb as a natural aphrodisiac that awakens fantasy and desire. Buy Miracle alien cookies at A great way to spice up a relationship.


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