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Cooking Techniques for Your Woodfired Pizza Oven



Cooking Techniques for Your Woodfired Pizza Oven

A woodfired pizza oven makes the best pizza. Not only because it infuses it with a fantastic flavour, but your pizza will cook faster.

You will also get more nutrition from your healthy vegetable toppings, as the short cook time allows them to retain their nutrients.

Are you looking for a new way to cook a pizza in a pizza oven? Then the below cooking techniques for your woodfired pizza oven will help you re-invent your skills.

Cooking a pizza in a woodfired oven

Learning to cook using a wood fire can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time. However, with a few techniques, you will be serving incredible tasting delicacies in no time.

One of the fastest ways to learn is to choose your favourite pizza recipe and cook it numerous times until you get it right.

Here is a simple guide to cooking an exquisite pizza in a woodfired oven.

Get your dough ready.

It is not the toppings that make the perfect pizza, but your dough. Although store-bought pizza dough does the job, homemade dough is ideal. You only need to give it time to rise.

Use a simple pizza dough recipe with fun twists, like adding more olive oil and herbs to enhance the taste. Confirm the dough has risen before using a rolling pin to shape it.

2. Add a homemade sauce and toppings of your choice.

The highlight of any pizza is the sauce and toppings. You can stick to the traditional sauce recipe and toppings or experiment with barbeque sauce and different fruits for a unique delicacy.

3. Fire up the wood oven.

Unlike a gas or electric oven, a woodfired range needs a shorter time to preheat, so start the fire using small wood pieces. Ensure the wood is appropriately dry to get the right temperature and reduce the amount of smoke.

4. Cook it to a crisp.

Woodfired pizza ovens are popular because the high temperatures cook pizzas to a crispy crust. Use a thermometer to check the heat inside the oven, including the floor where your pizza lies, if you want a perfect crisp. Cooking time ranges from less than 2 minutes to 5 minutes.

5. Use a suitable pizza peel.

For safety purposes, use a pizza peel to place your raw pizza into the oven and remove it once cooked through. Invest in one that is the right size and has a long handle to protect your hands from the fire. To prevent dough from sticking to the peel, sprinkle some flour and quickly transfer the pizza to the oven floor.

6. Turn the pizza constantly to prevent burning.

To evenly cook your pizza, keep turning it until all the edges are crisp. The pizza peel helps with the rotation to ensure it cooks properly.

7. Use fewer toppings for the bottom to cook through.

One main reason a woodfired pizza may not cook through at first is excess toppings. The heat in a woodfired pizza oven is higher than in a conventional oven. Therefore, the cooking time is shorter, and your pizza will only cook well if you do not overload it.

8. Carefully remove your pizza from the fire.

Once you have a golden and crispy crust, take your pizza out of the oven. Use the peel to prevent burns, and carefully transfer it onto a serving plate.


Woodfired pizza ovens are not only for pizzas. You can cook delicious dishes, from roasted meats to mouth-watering smoky-flavoured pies and sandwiches.

An energy-efficient household is a primary concern for most people, and a woodfired pizza oven provides a sustainable cooking solution. Wood not only conserves energy but it saves costs related to gas and electricity.

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