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Check Out These Food Spots When Migrating to The US

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Check Out These Food Spots When Migrating to The US

Food Spots When Migrating to The US – Immigrants come to the US because of their dreams to have a better life for their families and stable jobs for themselves. Despite the economic downturn, people are still immigrating to the US to have better opportunities to work.

More people dream of living in the key cities of America like New York and L.A. because of the good living conditions.

Some immigrants wish to start a better life in the US and some wish to be with their families that are currently living in the US. With the wide range of types of visa that can be applied for in the US, almost everyone with valid requirements can fulfill their American dream.

New immigrants are excited to go around the USA. Whether it is a local park or a famous location, immigrants can experience American culture. What a new migrant should not miss trying as soon as they arrive in the US is the food.

Not all restaurants have American food alone. Migration has also been a factor in the emergence of various restaurants that are enjoyed by Americans.

Food Spots To Try If You Just Migrated To the USA

2m Smokehouse (San Antonio, Texas)

Texas has been known for its smokehouse barbecues. 2m Smokehouse offers combinations of American and Mexican dishes. The food spot is famous for its brisket, pork sausage, and Chicharoni Macaroni.

Checkers & Rally’s

To experience the American retro, Checkers & Rally’s are drive-in restaurants that have branches around 28 states in the USA. The restaurant has the most common American fast-food staples like hamburgers, hotdogs, milkshakes, and fries.

Himalaya (Houston, Texas)

Inspired by Pakistani cuisine, the owners have created almost 100 dishes on their menu. Curries, chicken, chilies, beef, mustard, and masala are just some of the foods that you can find on their menu. The Himalaya restaurant is just one of the examples of how immigrants have influenced the American food industry.

Koi Palace (Daly City, California)

Another example of immigrant influenced restaurant, Koi Palace serves dim sums, dumplings, noodles, congees, and other Chinese foods in the middle of Los Angeles. The restaurant is not only famous for Chinese migrants, but Americans also love to have Chinese food without leaving California.

Mary & Tito’s Cafe (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

The restaurant features two types of chilies:one made from dried pods and vegetal roasted green chile. The tex-mex cuisine is cooked and prepared by long-term cooks to keep the recipe though the restaurant has been passed on to many generations.

Park’s BBQ (South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles)

If you are a Korean migrant looking for your local food, Park’s BBQ is the gateway to have kalbi, banchan, and gyeran mari. Meats are grilled the traditional Korean way. Chef Jenee Kim is also a Korean so serving and preparing the foods are done in the traditional Korean way.

Prince’s Hot Chicken (Nashville, Tennessee)

Fried chicken is one of the most famous American foods. To give it more kick, Prince’s Hot Chicken made it XXX hot which made the restaurant famous. For migrants who like to taste the super-hot American fried chicken, Prince’s Hot Chicken is the best place to try it.

Dalessandro’s (Wendover St. And Henry Ave., Philadelphia)

Philadelphia is known for its famous Philly Cheesesteaks. The meats are finely chopped and the cheese and onions make the perfect blend for the cheesesteak. The restaurant is considered to be one of the spots that serve an authentic Philly Cheesesteak.

Long John Silvers

Another fast-food restaurant in the US, Long John Silvers serves seafood at almost 1,000 branches not only in the USA but also worldwide.

Great-tasting fried fish is served with chips which is a classic meal on their menu. Now, the fast-food chain is also serving grilled seafood options.

Why Migrate To The US?

Aside from the great food that American restaurants and fast foods offer, the USA is also a good place to migrate especially for families. With the high standards in education, you can be sure that your child will receive the best education and qualifications considered around the world.

The USA is one of the worldwide leaders in healthcare. The most important medical innovations are studied and tested in the USA.

You will be sure that you will receive the best treatment you need. Also, the majority of employers in the USA offer healthcare benefits not only for the employee but also for their dependents living in the USA.

Aside from education, the healthcare system, career opportunities, and living space, the US has a lot to offer to its immigrants.

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